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31-07-13 AJ


I’m very surprised and pleased to see that the Democrats plans to get rid of former President Trump have backfired!  It looks to me like the Democrats big plans have backfired!   According to the polls every time they do something to discredit him his fans come back stronger than ever and his popularity rating goes way up!  Way to go, people!  It’s good to know many people have realized the Democrats diabolical plans and are supporting President Trump no matter what!  What a relief!  Some positive news after all! Keep up the good work people!  There is still hope for our side!  No good can come from using justice as a weapon for the sake of greed!

This year is just flying by!    Before you know it it’ll be election day 2024!  Please when thinking about this consider very carefully.  I don’t mind telling you, not much scares me about things going on in the world but this political situation does.  What will the future hold for this country, and, the world?   Do think about it carefully.

Not very much to cover this month but I find it great but kind of strange that a couple of young girls who were reported as missing three or four years ago have showed up out of  nowhere and are back with their families!  I mean amazing right one of them went to the police station and asked them to take her off the missing persons list because she’s back!    They did the dental records tests etc and sure enough she’s for real!  Amazing!  Where has she been? Who was she with?  I hope she weasn’t abused in any way.  Incredible stuff is happening and it’s not all bad!  I hope these kids will be safe and happy now.

On a personal note I’m now 72 years old!  I had a good but very quiet birthday on the 14th.  I just relaxed around the apartment.

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