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30-06-13 AJ


I’m sorry I don’t have much to write aout this month. The news is so confusing! However first thing I’m sending my condolences to the families and friends of the passengers who were on the submersible Titan. I can’t imagine what went on there in their last moments. It’s definitely the stuff of nightmares. I see on the news they’ve managed to recover some of the wreckage and possibly some human remains. I hope they can find out why the sub imploded so the problem can be fixed and something like this can never happen again.   I didn’t know any of the people involved, but I’m just devastated with this news. It seems like things in the world are getting worse and worse and no one is safe out there.

What a pleasant surprise to hear that despite all the negativity out there towards him President Donald Trump is leading in the polls concerning the Presidential Election Race 2024! So wonderful to know many don’t believe all the fake news etc the Democrats are using against him.

So scary some guy was arrested by former president Obama’s home, he had a bunch of weapons and was going to kill him! That’s definitely not the right way to go about things! We may disagree strongly with Obama but murder is not the way to settle things.

I praise the families who are standing up on their childrens’ behalf and saying they should be allowed to have a chance to grow up a little before they have to even think about sex and sexual preferences, choices and the like, that grade schools should leave those issues for the parents to decide when the kids should learn about those things.

Also just a quick congratulations to the lady who owns the bakery who the court ruled she had the right to refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding. She is very religious and it was ruled she had every right to stand up for her personal religious convictions.

Last but not least, July 4th is the 11th anniversary of my husband’s death. I thank him every day for what he tought me and all the wonderful things he did for me. May he be doubly blessed in The Afterlife!

Also July 14th I’ll be 72 years old!   I don’t have any special plans but I can’t wait for it, and until I’m 100! I’m trying to stay healthy but it’s hard work. Definitely worth it!

Have a safe and happy 4th Of July! Hopefuly I’ll have more to write about next month!

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