Bless You, John Lennon!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

29-09-09 AJ


     Just here for a few last minute comments about what’s going on in the news.
     First of all the most important thing is it’s almost my friend John Lennon’s birthday, October 9th.  I can never thank him enough for helping save the world and working with me for all these years, even after my husband died.  Many thanks and blessings to one of God’s Heroes, The Apostle Of Religious Assignments, who is known as God’s Hand.  How much it means to me to know John is there, giving me the courage to continue the Work and keep going every day! Here’s the link to a comprehensive list of the miracles John Lennon has done in The Afterlife.  And this is by no means complete!

Here’s a link to many of the songs I’ve channeled written by him in the Afterlife with animation videos Gerald & I put together.  Enjoy!

     I know this is old news now, but I was very pleased to read that our American troops were fortunate enough a few months ago, to kill Bin Laden’s son who had apparently taken over leading Al Qaeda after he died.  I guess authorities finally got the proof they needed that it happened.  I’m sure Those in The Afterlife celebrated being finally rid of one of the worst people in the world, and a threat to America.  Thank you dear service men and women for a job more than well done! 
     Next in line is the utter stupidity of The Democrats trying to impeach President Trump!  They’re purposely trying to find every little thing they can to pick at and make a big issue out of it when, as The President says it’s just a big witch hunt.  I’ll be glad when that’s over and they prove nothing!  What a waste of time and government funds!
     Last but not least, I just read an article saying that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails has not finished.  People who worked with her are being questioned and their emails they got from her during her presidential campaign examined for anything that should have been sent via private email and may have been leaked to the world.  She admits herself that she had a bad habit of using her private email account instead of her official secure one. Keep looking guys!  I’m sure there’s something out there like what you’re searching for, and when it’s found she’ll be in trouble like you wouldn’t believe!  I’ll be one happy camper when it happens.  The Clintons have caused enough damage to the world in one way or another.  Ah I see now!  Hillary is going around promoting her new book she wrote with her daughter.  It’s praising female icons.  Maybe with this she’s done one good thing in her life.  I guess that’s one I’ll have to read some day. How dare she call President Trump a “Corrupt human tornado”?  If I may be so bold I’d say the same thing about her and her husband Bill!
     On the home front just struggling along here with the back issues to put up on the web site.  It’s so hard to scan them and save them in a format where the letters are not all messed up.  I would love to put them up in PDF format, however my late husband Gerald didn’t like that idea stating he’d feel awful if some hacker got into these files and put a virus in them so when people clicked on the links to read the magazines they’re get a computer virus.  I had toyed with the idea of having both PDF format versions and HTML pages so if someone didn’t have the ability to read PDF files they could just click on the link to go to the pages as you can now.  However I don’t know about that as much of the ads in these issues are no good any more. Maybe someone out there could help me decide what to do on this.
     Sorry this is so late. Wanted to get this out before the end of the month rolls around!  Just barely made it once again! Like they say, better late than never!  See you next month!
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