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31-07-09 AJ


Talk about doing things at the last minute!  Sorry I’m so late posting but it’s been a crazy month!  However I just saw some of the best news ever on CBS tonight.  It has been finally released that our old former arch enemy, the late Bin Laden’s son is dead!  Of course I normally wouldn’t rejoice at someone’s passing however this poor excuse for a human being was trained by his father to be the leader of Al Qaeda after anything happened to him.  So I just say congratulations to Those responsible in The Afterlife for accomplishing one of the hardest tasks in history!  Some have had doubts that this guy is really dead.  I guess he was supposed to be somewhere that was blown up.  Only time will tell!  I have a feeling they’re right, and if so he most likely doesn’t exist in The Afterlife.
More good news.  I’m back at working on another project I promised my late husband Gerald I’d do, and that is getting the rest of the back issues of our magazine, “Voices From Spirit” on line free for everyone to read.  I just complete one tonight which I don’t think the dark ones appreciated, as there were bad thunderstorms all around Ellsworth, Maine.  Anyway, here’s the link.  I hope all is well with it, as for some reason when you copy and paste PDF files the text all goes crazy and I have to proof read carefully. But here you go! Enjoy! A blast from the past, holy cow, 29 years ago…July, 1990!    There’s many more to come!

You may want to check out the back issues list also.  You can get there from the link on the magazine links page.
In entertainment news, my friends at “SafariLIVE” and Wild Earth had a great success recently with their special broadcast that was requested by the Chinese media for their English speaking tv and You Tube channels by CGTN.  This was called “Wild Wonderland” In my opinion this is the best series SafariLIVE has ever done.  You can check out all 14 hour long episodes here.  I’m sure you’ll be very impressed!  Just go to You Tube and search for Wild Wonderland SafariLIVE.
On the home front, I had a fairly good birthday July 14th.  I’m now 68!  Spent a quiet day with the neighbors downstairs in the community room. My friend next door gave me a small bottle of diet soda, my only gift.  But downstairs I was given two jelly donuts and a cup of cappuccino. Yum!  All in all a great day.  I bought myself several gifts however, the best one being my new twin size memory foam bed, firm but very comfortable.  Minute I lie down out like a light! What a blessing even if I do have to finish paying for the mattress!
I guess that’s about all for now.  Still kind of in disbelief I finally finished The History!  At least I can relax some working on the magazines!  See you next time, hopefully not on the last day of August!
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