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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

20-06-05 AJ

    Finally back again with an update! It’s June! I had an excellent anniversary in Bangor at the mall.  The only bad thing is the ring I bought in tribute to my 42nd anniversary didn’t have the engraving on it I ordered and it had to be sent back.   However I have it now and it’s awesome.  Here’s a link to the picture on Instagram.

   I have completed Book 10 of “Light The History Of Spiritism: From Hades To Earth.”  The catch is I’m having trouble with the Copyright office.  I called a while ago and they told me my fee would still be $35 per book.  I go to fill out the form for Book 10 and there’s something new; a few questions to answer by checking off boxes beside them.  Because I’m not the author of The Book, I  just inherited the rights to it it’s apparently going to cost me $55 each to copyright the remaining 7 Books! Don’t know how I’m going to afford it but I will, whatever.
    Now what’s going on out there?  It’s so irritating that Obama is trying to seem like a big hero in not sending American troops to help in Iraq, however as things seem to be going he’ll no doubt need to after all, after so many odd people are killed by the insurgents and they’ll wonder why didn’t he do something in the first place.  I can fully understand how we wanted the Iraqi authorities to put their training to good use and care for their own country by themselves.  Unfortunately they are being overwhelmed and need all the help they can get.  What’s wrong America?
    So shocking about the weather, especially the twin tornadoes in Nebraska the other day.  I happened to have The Weather Channel on when they formed and there was a storm chaser broadcasting video of it all to them.  It was like a science fiction movie!  Prayers to the victims and their families. There was a poor little five year old girl that died! In situations like this though, you can’t argue with Mother Nature.  You just have to take precautions and try to stay safe.
    I’m really becoming concerned about all the young kids going out to kill people at schools, malls and such then killing themselves.  I have a theory based on what Gerald taught me, that those doing this are demons who took over these bodies some time ago, that are not working for God’s Forces, or The Forces Of Spirit.  They’re just getting fed up with everything in the world, and don’t want to be in the bodies they inhabited any more.  They don’t care about anyone else and just want to take a few people with them.  Well, the people they kill will no doubt make out better than they will when they die.  The murderers will most likely go poof, never get to The Afterlife.  This does not bode well for the world in the future if so many continue to do this.  I pray they can be stopped before more damage is done.
    I got a good laugh when I saw that Hillary Clinton’s favorite book that inspired her most is The Bible! Well that’s not a bad thing, but considering she’s now one of the dark ones I think she definitely went off the track somewhere.  Now she’s promoting her autobiography.  I might read it some day if I need a good laugh.  Many are saying it’s part of her supposed presidential campaign even though she hasn’t announced if she’ll be running in 2,016 or not.  Let us pray they’re wrong!
     I’ve heard it said Jeb Bush is going to be the official Republican presidential candidate.  This would be good. Wasn’t God The Father supporting him a while back?  If so I know who I’ll be voting for in 2,016!  Hmmm, I wonder how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s doing in trying to get the law changed so he can run for president? We’ve got to do something legally to get Obama out of office.  I see some are even talking impeachment.  We can dream!
    In entertainment news, it’s scary that our old friend Kevin Ryder of KROQ’s “The Kevin & Bean Show” is going to be in Brazil for the World Cup with his comedian friend & little person Brad Williams, to watch the game somewhere in the rain forest?!  They’re going there on vacation.  I pray they come back and in one piece!  Thursday I just read that 13 viewers in Nigeria were killed when there was an explosion in the World Cup viewing center.  God will be especially protecting you guys with His Forces on your travels. You will be doubly blessed.  As a reminder how Kevin & Bean are our heroes, here’s a link to the song I channeled years ago for them.  Come back to us safe and sound, when your vacation is over, Kevin & Brad!

   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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