God’s Voice

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

22-07-03 AJ

    Ever since I started this blog, I felt odd not having something to type under "An Open Letter" as a description of who I am.  Before I was "God’s Candidate For The First Lady Of The United States In 2,012."  However after my husband Gerald died I didn’t know what to type there.  The other day I looked at my business card Gerald had made while we lived in North Dakota.  There was my answer!  Under my name on those he had me put "The Voice Of God On Earth."  It was on his too.  So I decided why not use it in my messages too?  After all it’s still true.  I give the opinions of Those in The Afterlife that they have taught me over the years through Gerald. Of course I still see and hear over There, though my ability in that is somewhat limited. So that’s what I will still be,  The Voice Of God On Earth.  If anyone doesn’t like it, they’ll just have to ignore it.  Because  I am God’s messenger, not to mention the messenger for The Spiritist Republic and all the other Heavens in The Spirit Realm.  I’m very, very proud of that title, and will continue my work to the best of my ability.   Thank you God The Father for trusting me with this job and for sticking with me.
    I had an interesting time Saturday.  I got Gerald’s old desktop computer sat up on my new computer desk, put anti virus in it and will be using it to watch Netflix videos on.  I signed up for these for my birthday.  So far it’s the third best purchase I’ve ever made.  The other two were my shopping cart, and the lanyard for my apartment key.  The pc may only have 1 GB of RAM in but it’s still got a lot of use in it yet. 
   Lastly, here’s the links to few pictures.  The first one is of the hand made heart pins I received from Hospice Volunteers Of Hancock County.  I put one on my lanyard with my key. 


    Here’s the link to a picture of the beautiful envelope they gave me these in including some important information concerning grief counseling and a description of the grief process.


     Now, on to the national news.  Obama is headed for a visit with the Colorado shooting victims and families.  I would advise everyone not to get too close.  Remember the poor lady I reported on a while back who he visited at her restaurant, she hugged him then died a few hours later at the hospital?  Need I say more?  Like the other creatures of Darkness he is trying to get all the spiritual energy he can to fight God’s Forces.  He will stop at nothing to win the election. 
    So disturbing the gay pride parade in San Diego in which gay active duty troops marched in uniform.  Looks like we know what’s going to happen to those that participated in it when they get to The Afterlife, if they even do, and who organized it.  I’m glad I’m nowhere near there. 
    Looks like the Colorado theater shooter may be one of those whose soul has already been destroyed forever for something bad he’s done before, and he is the so called walking dead, though he has no record and only one traffic ticket of some kind.  I can’t understand how somebody can be so evil!  It’s said he planned this attack for months and police are still trying to disarm booby traps in his apartment.  They’re not sure if they’re all authentic but like the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry.  They need to conserve evidence and if everything goes boom it’s gone.  I think this jerk believed he was the real Joker.  Looks like the joke’s on him, for eternity.  I’m so glad to hear however that the baby who was wounded at the theater was treated and released from the hospital and will be o.k.  She may be one of those God has special plans for.  This may have been one of the reasons for this insanity.  Tragically a six year old girl was killed.  Somehow the dark ones knew who would be there.  The children are our future.  We must protect them the best we can from the Darkness.
     Praise to The Florida Family Association for speaking out against Office Depot’s choice to back Lady Ga Ga’s organization the Born This Way Foundation because they believe Lady Ga Ga sends an "irresponsible message" to teens going through puberty that gay is ok, and they are encouraged by Lady Ga Ga’s Foundation to be gay and do so.  For this reason they want Office Depot to take back their million dollar pledge to her organization.  I hope they succeed in this. However I believe I have read that Lady Ga Ga’s Foundation does have an excellent program to help victims of bullying. 
     There is something weird going on in Ogden, Utah, which is north of Salt Lake City.  There’s a man up in the mountains dressed in a goat suit and mask, following a wild goat herd!  No one knows why, but the authorities are trying to reach him and warn him that he may be in grave danger because it’s almost hunting season for wild goats.  They don’t want him to be shot.   It’s speculated he may be someone that wants to just get an idea of how many wild goats there are out there, or, just observe them.  Whatever the guy is out there following the goats on all fours.  Who knows?  Like they say on one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons "It’s a mystery!"
     Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America and, the world!
     Check out my blog for my previous messages.


A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

P.O. Box 392
Ellsworth, ME 04605

(207) 812-1621


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