Hillary Got The Boot

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
To The World

17-07-03 AJ

      And the news continues.   God’s praises to the people of Egypt who are protesting Hillary Clinton’s visit.    We of course don’t agree with the shoe and tomato throwing that occurred.  But hey, like they say if the shoe fits!  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Anyway it’s reported some of the protesters chanted "Monica!  Monica!" in reference to old Bill’s affair during his time as president with his intern, others chanted "Leave, Clinton!" I’m glad to see there are those that realize the truth, that Hillary Clinton is big trouble.  I hope they continue to do so.
    You have to laugh!  Now Obama and Romney are attacking each other over their singing abilities, or lack of.  Maybe someone should start another talent show called "Candidates Got Talent" or some such.  In all fairness, though I hate to admit it I think both sing fairly well. 
    The Taliban are having a gun battle with security forces’ intelligence agency in a town in the northwest of Pakistan taking many hostages before police got in and stopped them.  They Taliban  got in disguised in burquas.  Police shot and killed one of them and another Taliban member died from exploding his vest.  The gun battle lasted for five hours.  I don’t understand how anyone in the world can think The Taliban does the right things!  Definite creatures of Darkness there!
    Sad to see that two Iowa girls, cousins ages 8 and 10 are still missing.  They were reported missing three hours after last being seen Friday.  Their bikes were found near a lake.  The lake is being dredged and scanned with sonar.  Fortunately no one recovered there.  It’s feared they’ve been abducted. However where no person is suspect or no vehicles seen an amber aleart can’t be issued.  The search continues with a large reward offered.  I hope they find they safe and sound. 
      Unfortunately some tragic news from Missouri.  Two sisters there were found dead in a field after a suspect led police there.  May justice be done and soon!
     More tragedy in Indiana.  A three year old boy somehow gained access to a shotgun then shot and accidently killed his father with it who was watching t.v. at the time.  Police are trying to find out how the boy was able to get at the gun. 
   The singer Madonna is in trouble again, this time in France.  The far right there plans to sue her for her recent video shown during her concert there which portrays the National Front’s leader, Marine Le Pen, with a swastika on her forehead.  This woman, who inherited her position from her father,  has been trying to get rid of the party’s image as racist and anti Semitic.  She ran for president but wasn’t elected. She is very strict about immigrants, especially Muslims. The National Front said the party planned to file a complaint this week for insults.  A local anti racist group said Sunday it’s supporting Madonna, saying she is strongly against racism and feminine discourse.  I am completely lost here as to what Madonna was trying to do.  I have a feeling I’m not the only one.
    Congratulations to Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan, who is now the new public editor of The New York times.  She will start this job in September, and work between the two publications.  We need more women in such important jobs. 
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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