I Stand With Ukraine!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

31-03-12 AJ


     Well here I am again!  As my friend’s grandmother used to say “a last minute Annie!” Wherever that expression comes from I have no clue!  There’s so much going on in the world I don’t really know what to talk about.
    I guess first of all it’s so heartbreaking what’s going on in the Ukraine!  I don’t understand why Putin hasn’t been arrested for murder, war crimes or something.  Why in the world would he want to kill women and children, especially pregnant women?  He’s doing so many unspeakable things I just have no words to describe him, unless it’s to call him a demon, a creature of Darkness.  Or someone being controlled by one of them.  I hope these things stop soon, very soon however the military there commented that  it looks like it’ll be a long while yet before it does.
     The president there begged President Biden to make a no fly zone so Russian aircraft couldn’t come near their country and bomb them.  Biden said that would be too dangerous.  I assume it meant that if we did that, who knows what they’d do to the US to retaliate!   They are sending weapons and ammunition and such to help.
     In entertainment news the latest is how one of my favorite actors, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after the comedian at the Oscar ceremony, made an uncalled for joke about Will Smith’s wife’s hair style.  She has lost her hair due to an illness.  I don’t think this incident was good of course, but I totally support Will Smith for standing up for his wife.  I since hear that he has apologized to Chris Rock and so far so  good no one was kicked out of The Academy.  The news showed a clip of Mrs. Smith from just after the comment was made in which it looked like she was laughing.  Who knows?  I’m just glad things turned out good in the end.
     President Trump may be in more trouble.  They say there are a few hours missing from his phone records on January 6th, the day of the riot.  Some are commenting he may have used a ‘burner phone’ a disposable phone with which to make calls he didn’t want to know about.  President Trump said he’d never even heard of the term burner phone, and never did such a thing. 
     Well I guess that’s about all for this month.  Wish I had more to say.  I’m doing the best I can.  Things are going very well here and I’m so grateful for what I have.  As I keep saying, I hope there’s better things to report about next month!   Stay safe and please get vaccinated!  Though the Covid-19 cases are going way down now, we have to keep our guard up.  I’m actually getting my shot of the first booster shot Monday at last!  And my building now has the masks optional rule. At last I can breathe again!  See you here next time!
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