Monica Trying Again

  An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

09-05-05 AJ

    Finally there’s some news to write about!  Unfortunately it’s not good.  I am upset about the Sultan of Brunei’s decision to enforce the laws saying gays and lesbians are to be stoned to death and women who have had an abortion should be punished.  People against this are boycotting the two hotels the Sultan owns in Hollywood.   This includes Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres.  Those running these hotels say the Sultan actually has nothing to do with the running of these and those boycotting them are just hurting a local business.  The hotels have done nothing wrong.  So confusing and frustrating!   As you know Spiritists don’t believe in violence toward gays and lesbians.   I can understand people trying to enforce the laws of their countries.  However on matters like this they should just know better and have a little common sense.  They could still not support the perversion without adding the violence.  I hope something is done soon. Maybe somehow the laws will be vetoed or something.  Meanwhile it’s only giving famous gay people like Ellen more positive publicity which I believe, isn’t a good thing.
   So horrible in Nigeria a terrorist group has kidnapped teenage school girls planning to sell them as sex slaves!  There’s a big effort going on with our government to try to get them back.  I hope it works before it’s too late. No matter our differences with Mrs. Obama we applaud her for her efforts supporting “Bring Back Our Girls.”
   Judge Prio has called for Obama to be impeached because of the Benghazi disaster.  Here’s a video our old friend Elgard sent me showing an excellent report on it from one of God’s favorite news organizations Fox News.  Hope you’ll share too.

   On this subject, here’s a brief video by God’s hero Speaker John Boehner asking when the current administration is going to tell the truth.  I agree 100%!

   Monica Lewinski, Bill Clinton’s former mistress while in The White House, has decided to tell everyone the truth about what happened.  She’s done an interview with a popular magazine.  She says she regrets it and that the sex was consensual.  Some are saying this story will bring Hillary down. Let us pray!  And speaking of Fox News one of their reporters says he thinks it’ll build her up. Time will tell.  Kind of suspicious that this happens when Hillary may be considering a 2016 presidential campaign. I think God’s Forces helped in the planning of Monica’s actions and They believe it will help take away from a lot of Hillary’s support. After all Monica is one of Their heroes.  Like they say God works in mysterious ways.  Below are the lyrics to The Afterlife’s tribute to Monica, one of God’s heroes, by one of our favorite rock bands who were named after the famous composers “Bach, Beethoven And Brahams Plus One.”  This was in 1998, the year before our work with the spirit of John Lennon started.  Gerald even sang this on the phone during an interview on The Howard Stern Show.  He said Howard was very nice and he enjoyed the interview!  First here’s the link to the mp3 with God Himself singing through Gerald’s body.  Then you can follow along if you wish.

(Music similar to “Jesus Christ, Superstar.”)

1. Monica, Monica!
She’s the one, she’s our Monica!
She’s the one that got old Bill,
it’s all they talk about up on the hill.

2. Monica, Monica!
She’s the one, she’s our Monica!
Good old Bill said he didn’t lie,
But the stains on her dress blew his alibi.

3. Monica, Monica!
She’s the one, she’s our Monica!
Hillary says it’s a conspiracy,
but it looks much more like sex to me!

4. Monica, Monica!
She’s the one, she’s our Monica!
When he was done with that cigar,
did she ask him if he inhaled?

5. Monica, Monica!
She’s the one, she’s our Monica!
When it’s all done, she’ll be the one,
to go down in history for what she’s done.

    By the way, Hillary has said she’ll release her decision on this to the public next year.
    So sad to read that the voice of Tony The Tiger, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes mascot has died at 64 of esophageal cancer.  Who will they get to replace him? So far it’s a mystery. 
    In entertainment news, I highly recommend the movie “Thor The Dark World.”  I got a free rental from Redbox for signing up on a neighbor’s suggestion.  Redbox and the movie are awesome! Not bad $1.20 one day dvd rentals and $1.50 blu ray discs.  My Amazon Prime account charges $4.99 for rentals, however you don’t have to leave the house of course.   The only catch with Redbox is I have to walk and it’s tricky because it’s a half an hour to get there.  I don’t mind the exercise in good weather.
    On a final note, I have yet to start my illustrations for Book Ten of The History Of Spiritism.  Have started putting together the next fiction book, “Mother, Tokyo Colony.”  Have been getting out walking now the weather’s good and doing my workout.  Hard to believe June 2nd will be my 42nd anniversary.  I plan to go out to dinner.  Meanwhile as usual the Work continues.  Thank you God and Lords for all your blessings!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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