Muhammed Understands

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

13-01-06 AJ


    Happy New Year!  So far so good!  Had a wonderful surprise on the 7th!  For the first time in three years I had a phone interview on KROQ’s The Kevin & Bean Show in Los Angeles.  I channeled a new song by John Lennon praising their show, they love it!  Here’s the link to what happened from——-January%2007%20Wednesday——-&file=08%20Linda%20Polley-2015-01-07.mp3

    Fantastic!  It was so great to talk to everyone again! 
   They gave me permission to upload the video to You Tube!  Here’s the link.  Hope you like it as much as Everybody in The Afterlife does.

    Now what’s going on out there?  There’s not much good, I’m afraid!  So horrible about the AirAsia plane that went down into the sea during bad weather over a week ago with 162 people on board!  Fortunately they’ve found the plane and the black boxes, but only forty bodies have been recovered.  They are being identified by DNA testing, loved ones and friends aren’t being allowed to see them because they were in the water so long.  They feel the rest may be still in the submerged parts of the plane. They’ve raised the tail portion.  Prayers to all involved and the victims.
   Another thing so horrible are the terrorist attacks in Paris!  I also say “Je Suis Charlie” standing on behalf of the editorial staff members of the magazine Charlie Hebdo who were shot and killed in their office building.  Everyone has the right of free speech.  The terrorist killed these innocent people for publishing satiristic cartoons involving my dear old friend The Prophet Muhammed.  There is a cartoon to be on the next cover of Charlie Hebdo featuring Muhammed crying and holding a sign saying “Je Suis Charlie,” with the tag line “All Is Forgiven.”  I was told from The Afterlife “Muhammed understands.”  With people in the material world you have to expect some to publish things others might not agree with.  That’s just the way of the world. Not everyone can agree.  Muhammed has absolutely nothing against these magazine editors.  They were innocent victims of evil.   Those who murder saying they’re doing this in support of him are wrong!  They are not true Islam.  Here is a link to “The Book Of Muhammed” my late husband Speaker Gerald Polley channeled several years ago and we published as a special edition of “Voices From Spirit Magazine.” I hope someone will check this out and will understand the truth.

    Some of you may recall a few years ago one of these people I assume that was affiliated with people like these terrorists got our videos taken off You Tube because they were offended by Gerald’s channeled messages from Muhammed.  They threatened us with a post on the site saying they’d complain about us to You Tube,  then next thing we knew everything had been taken down!  To show I am fighting terrorism and standing up for free speech here’s the link to Muhammed’s video messages on my web site!  The truth will never be silenced!

    More political craziness!  Mitt Romney has come out of the woodwork and said he’s considering running for President in 2,016 despite his vow never to run again after his 2,012 failed presidential bid.  Even though he’s a Republican The Afterlife doesn’t like him at all.  We’re hoping Jeb Bush will be the one to run and win.  Though he doesn’t support funding for stem cell research and is pro life, I’m praying for a Bush White House again!  I shudder to think of the alternative.  I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything more from Hillary.
    In entertainment news I highly recommend the movie “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies.”  I got a chance to go see this at the theater with two of my neighbors, and absolutely love it!  I have my copy of the DVD reserved at Amazon then my Hobbit collection will be complete!  Oh, and I also highly recommend subscribing to Amazon Prime.  In my opinion it’s the ultimate quality of life purchase.  Though it’s $99 a year, it’s well worth it.  No pun intended but the free two day shipping is priceless!  I have saved up for many months and will be renewing later this month.  A reminder: despite the Buyers’ Strike mentioned below, small amount of purchases are not frowned upon by The Afterlife. This strike is geared toward a huge amount of purchases for holidays.

   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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