Republicans Don’t Give Up!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley

The Voice Of God On Earth

To The World

31–03-13 AJ


Of course you all probably know right now what I’m going to mention first here…the indictment of former President Trump by a Manhattan jury. He is supposed to turn himself in to authorities Tuesday. He’ll have his fingerprints taken and mug shot. I think President Trump is a lot smarter than reporters give him credit for. A tv reporter predicted that they would end up with a scene similar to what happened with OJ Simpson when he tried to escape justice with a long car chase, which obviously didn’t do any good. I personally don’t think they’ll have any trouble at least nothing of that kind. Hopefully there won’t be bad trouble outside the court house. I personally think this is a scheme of the Democrats to make it so President Trump can never run for president again.

    Though The Pope and I don’t agree on everything, I’m glad he’s feeling better after having bronchitis, which I had twice a few years ago. It was so cute when the news lady said “He blessed a baby, and even had pizza!”

So glad that our country is helping the people of the Ukraine get more weapons to fight the Russians with! I was happy to see a news report on tv where Putin said the world was closing in on him. Ha! Let’s hope so and this war is over soon, and before there’s any nuclear weapons used.

I just don’t understand all this crazy weather going on right now. Is it Global Warming? La Nina? El Nino? God being mad about something?? Your guess is good as mine but condolences to those who lost someone because of it.

    I guess that’s about all for now. Republicans just please don’t give up. I’m sure there’s something better coming for us in the future.

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