Save The Children!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

31-05-12 AJ


     Here we are at the end of the month again!  This year is sure flying by!  Just wanted to get my two cents in for May.
     I have been just devastated by the school shootings lately, especially the latest one in Texas.  Somehow someone has GOT to do something to if not stop this or at least make it harder for people to do.  I don’t really know if changing the gun laws will help.  Seems like they’ve already done that and it hasn’t helped at all, if anything it’s made things worse.  Something’s got to be done to save the children! 
     The only other thing I can remember to mention is everyone in The Afterlife was thrilled to see that one of the most prominent Democrats has given up on that party and joined the Republicans!  I hope this turns into a popular occurrence!  If so maybe it would smarten a few people up to the fact someone is handling some things wrong, not focusing on the right things.
     In entertainment news, I’ve been very upset about the Johnny Depp and his ex wife’s trial.  Yet another one of my actor heroes reputation ruined!  I of course don’t support any type of violence in a relationship, however, is it only me that thinks his ex is kind of exaggerating what happened for money, publicity or just to destroy her former husband’s career?  He’s already been fired from Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean films, which is heartbreaking in itself.  I remember watching on tv how he loved to go to hospitals and cheer up children as Jack Sparrow.  The kids were overjoyed with this.  I wish something could be figured out in his favor for the young fans’ sake. 
     That’s about all this month.  Still trying to stay safe from COVID,  been staying inside and ordering my groceries online, while my care giver picks them up for me.  My computer issues have straightened out, and I finally have a laptop that works properly, though I’m mostly using my desktop even with it’s drawbacks.  For a final note my wedding anniversary will be June 2nd.  My late husband Gerald & I were married in 1972.  Wow!  50 years ago!  I still give thanks every day for all he taught me and am trying to keep up the Work as much as I can.  I hope this blog is helping someone.
     I guess that wasn’t a final note, as I wanted to add this.  If you have a DVD player and are a fan of the old Dark Shadows tv series, the original, I highly recommend the Dark Shadows Collections.  There’s four DVDs to an individual collection, and there’s 26 in all.  Absolutely awesome! So great to see them all again and without commercials!  Also enjoy the brief interviews at the end  of each collection with a member of the cast or crew. Priceless!  And I will confess, my favorite Dark Shadows character is Willie Loomis played by the late John Karlen!  After all, if it wasn’t for him the story wouldn’t have gotten started for our precious Barnabas Collins!  I’m collection them all one or two at a time as they’re a little out of my price range.  So glad I decided to buy them!  They’re available on the Amazon and Wal Mart web sites.
    Also in entertainment news, my friend James Hendry has a new album out called The Knobbly Tree. There’s also one that came out in March called “Firefly” It has  more songs than the other.   You can find it on Apple music and many other platforms.   I highly recommend it!  James has a wonderful voice and is very talented on the guitar too.  Here’s a link where you can find both.

See you next month!

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