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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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31-10-03 AJ

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Yes, it’s our Most Sacred Day once again, and the first one without my late husband, Speaker Gerald Polley who was God’s Candidate For The Presidency Of The United States in 2,012.  On that note I have decided.  If I get the chance, if I have a way to get to the polls I WILL vote, as I want to try to make sure gay marriage isn’t made legal in Maine.  In order to do this however, I have decided to write Gerald’s name in as to who I want for president.  Because it’s true, if he was still in the material world this is what I would want.  I don’t want either one of those running.  They’re losers.  So that’s my plan if I can get a ride.  I suggest any who are undecided on the current candidates do this also, as a tribute to the only one who would have told the truth in office and worked for God.  You will have extra blessings for doing so.
    Also on another personal matter my second cataract surgery went well Monday.  Now I can no longer wear both pairs of my glasses.  The doctor suggested store bought reading glasses.  I have two pair of Gerald’s here and she said that would be ok. Then when my eye is healed I can get prescription reading glasses for my astigmatism.  So I’m wearing the ones he wore almost until the end to draw and read.  Here is a picture of me wearing them with my poor black eye.  Also a pair that he took with him places that weren’t really strong enough in the end, not even for me.

Solution To Reading Glasses

    Now, let’s see what’s in the news.  I guess the main story is Superstorm Sandy.  What a thing it was!   It looks like God got His wish.  He shut down Washington DC for a while and postponed presidential campaign plans too.  So sorry though to hear about so many casualties from this disaster.  Blessings to the victims’ friends and families.   I was woken up several times during the night with the sounds of the strong winds and something banging on the apartment building here.  We never lost the lights, thank goodness.  I’m not sure how much damage was done in my area.  Have yet to see the news.      
   Lawyers for Casey Anthony are requesting a change of venue for her upcoming trial in January, where her babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez, is suing her for defamation of character, stating she ruined her reputation by saying she’d kidnapped  Caylee.  Of course that was a lie.  I hope the decision is found in the babysitter’s favor.   If God can see to it, it will be.  I can imagine Caylee is helping Gerald now, and he is protecting her from the dark ones who would harm her.
    Obama is trying to be politically correct, as the saying goes while on his campaign.  He’s canceled today’s stop in Ohio to go to New Jersey and survey the hurricane damage.  Anything to get more votes.
Boy this guy is definitely a loser!  So glad they arrested the man in Oregon who raped and murdered a 21 year old barista I reported on in an earlier message.  After he was arrested he admitted to the murder then confessed to downloading child porn!  Even more shocking is that the woman and her husband knew this man through a Jehovah’s Witness church they attended!  So sad this scum is everywhere!  You can’t let your guard down five minutes, not even in church.
    Police in New York recently went on a drug raid in Buffalo, New York where they found 640 marijuana lollipops that someone had got in California where medical marijuana is legal.  Of course it’s not legal in New York.  That’s scary!  After all it’s time for trick or treat.  What if they had been given to children?  Way to go New York’s finest!
    During this, the year God wanted to praise women and their hard work congratulations to Alicia Richman of Granbury, Texas who is now in the Guinness World Record Book for having the most breast milk donated to charity!  She has donated 87 gallons in all!  She started doing this in March of 2,011 after the birth of her son, when she realized she was producing much more than her son could drink.  She has fed hundreds, most likely thousands of premature babies across the United States, the executive director of the milk bank said in a press release.  The generous mom is thankful she can help so many babies.  She will certainly receive many blessings for doing this.  
    Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday.  With fond memories I am posting the link below to Gerald’s campaign song.  He will always be remembered and treasured on this Halloween, election day, and forever.

    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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