Thank God For The Victory!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

12-11-05 AJ


    First of all I hope everyone had a good Veteran’s Day!  Though it’s a bit late as usual I’m giving the link to our song page featuring songs for the Troops from The Afterlife, a timeless tribute!

    Yes, you guessed it!  The Afterlife is still celebrating their phenomenal victory over The Democrats in last week’s election!  You know with such a horrendous victory margin God and The Lords had Their hands in it.  Now lets see if it helps, if The Republicans can get stuff done as it should be and get things back on track.  I’ve been taking a short hiatus from The Work replenishing all the energy I donated to this miraculous success. More than honored to help!
    I love this!  Obama is in trouble again!  When he arrived at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Beijing,  he was chewing gum!  The articles I read stated he frequently chews Nicorette gum to help him quit smoking. Rare kudos for this! However the Chinese people and many others took great offense to it.  In traditional Chinese culture gum chewing is immature behavior and in no way serious.  The Afterlife doesn’t have to do a thing and he causes great controversy almost everywhere he goes.  It’s almost too good to be true!  Let’s pray that in 2,016 the country will be in the hands of Republicans and Independents.
   Also interesting that The Catholic Church is in trouble again, this time for some trying to make it more “gay friendly”, thanks to the current Pope’s comment “Who am I to judge?”   One rare point in the Church’s favor, it believes homosexuality is a disorder and homosexual acts are sinful etc..  At least they got that right!  Anyway it looks like Lord Peter is still doing a good job at working to bring down this Church, as are his instructions from The Nazarene and God The Father.  However it looks like, as with Obama he doesn’t have to work very hard at it. The Catholics are doing most of it themselves now.  Their Church is kind of imploding with all the negative stuff going on. I cringe to think of how many demons there are in each Catholic Church now, feeding on the energy of the innocent especially the children, and guiding them down the wrong path.  Let’s hope the world can hold together with all of this.
    At last the captain of the doomed ferry in South Korea has been sentenced for negligence and abandoning passengers after the death of 300 passengers mostly high school students, He gets 36 years in prison. I consider that a grave injustice, no pun intended. He should’ve got the death penalty.  I’m not sure if they have that in his area, but they should and get rid of the waste of oxygen!  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s not around much longer anyway as I’m sure the other prisoners won’t appreciate him being there at all!
    Congratulations to former President George W. Bush for the publishing of his tribute to his father’s life, called “41: A Portrait of My Father.”  Even with all the upset concerning him during the last presidential election concerning Gerald’s campaign I hope he does well, and, his family also, as we have known in many lifetimes passed.   They’ve always been good people.  I hope things will be straightened out with them and God The Father when they get to The Afterlife.  And I hope they get to The Afterlife.
       One final note.  God sends special blessings to Arnold Abbott, 90 years old, of Ft Lauderdale, Florida who tried to feed some homeless people in a park and has been arrested three times for it as there’s a new city ordinance there against feeding the homeless in public!  He swears to keep feeding the homeless as long as he is alive.  He’s tried to find an indoor location to do this with no success until now.  He’s feeding the homeless in a church.  The mayor has since admitted they made a mistake with the arrests, stating he should have sat down with Mr. Abbott and talked with him about what he should do.  DUH!  What’s the old saying about hindsight?   All in The Afterlife send praise to this, one of God’s true heroes, and hope he continues to do well in his charitable efforts.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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