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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

01-09-09 AJ


       I apologize for not posting in my blog last month and don’t have very much to say right now, except to pay respects to one of the greatest singers of our time, Aretha Franklin, who was indeed the Queen Of Soul, and Senator John McCain.  Though God The Father wasn’t pleased with the way he overlooked  the way one of his daughters supported  the gay rights movement etc., I hope he made it ok to Heaven.  He was a war hero and fought for our country after all.  More beloved public figures gone from this world but never forgotten.  Thanks for what you did for us all.  You will be forever remembered and honored.
     The Afterlife is not pleased with the way The White House handled the flag being flown at half staff issue.  However it seems like it was due to miscommunication all around.  Thankfully it was put back down as it should be to show respect.  Don’t get me wrong, President Trump is still backed for the most part, by The Afterlife.  We don’t believe all the fake news.
     I was shocked to learn that Senator McCain’s mother is 106 years old!  Not only that she seems to be a very classy lady who is of good mind and doing well.  How sad she has to mourn her son who was 86 when he passed away.  Condolences to other family and friends, as also to Aretha Franklin’s. 
     On the home front, my work on The Book, “The History Of Spiritism: From Hades To Earth is right now at a standstill.  I have to complete at least two more pictures for the Books I’m to publish next, and also there’s an issue with the copyright office who don’t agree with the way I’ve been copyrighting the Books since my husband Gerald’s death. This is because I inherited these Works and am not the author just the illustrator. Hopefully everything can be straightened out so so I can publish them on our web site as soon as possible.
    As for entertainment news, I’m thrilled to announce my latest music video “Thank You SafariLIVE!” has gotten 383 views in a month and is still going strong!  In case you missed it, here’s the link.

     I must mention here 9/9/18 is the 19th anniversary of the day I channeled my first song “Listen To The Angels,” which help KROQ in LA raise a lot of money for a Children’s Charity after they put it on their Christmas CD remixed by Moby and also helped save the world.  Bless the spirit of John Lennon for still sticking with me after all these years!  All I can say is thank you!  Here’s the link to this song from the CD. Thanks also to our old friends Kevin & Bean!

    Speaking of SafariLIVE, it’s tv series that was broadcast on Nat Geo Wild for five weeks appears to have been a great success.  Many have commented it is their best tv series ever.  You can watch it free at You Tube.  Just do a search on “The Gauntlet” SafariLIVE.
   That’s about it for now. Last month I had a small financial crisis, but it’s cleared up now. I must now promote a couple of services. Much to my dismay I have Spectrum internet and tv again. But my bill should only be $51 a month. Bless them for the Internet Assist program for people 65 and over who get social security, or such.  Also highly recommend their TV Choice program where you can get 10 channels you choose and get the local ones included basically free.  Whereas I have to speak out against Consolidated Communications, formerly Fairpoint internet.  They have a two year contract with that and if you cancel early they charge $129.  I’m done with contracts forever now!  I even got a prepaid cell phone service at US Cellular who I also highly recommend.  
     Hope you’ll be patient with my sometimes irregular blog posts.  I’m trying the best I can to keep up with everything!   Bless you all for your understanding! Until next month…..
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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