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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

31-07-09 AJ


    Just had to get a short but sweet post in my blog for the month of July so everyone will know I’m still alive, so to speak.  The best news comes from the home front.  As you know since 9/9/99 I’ve been channeling new music by the spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, though I’ve not usually stated this in the music.  Last week I channeled one of these new songs in tribute to one of the greatest organizations in the world, in my opinion, Wild Earth, and their twice daily game drive show broadcast free on You Tube where I’m usually found during their sunset drives in the morning our time.  Anyway I should say this song I’ve channeled explains it all. And best of all it’s apparently a big hit!  It’s the first song I’ve recorded in a year at least and it’s had 266 views in 6 days!  This includes views by some of the Wild Earth/SafariLIVE employees and guides.  It was mentioned though not by name, on one of the sunrise drives, by one of the guides so I know they’ve received my link and like the song!  Anyway, here’s the link so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  Hope you enjoy the video and will pass it around!

   Also here’s the link to the SafariLIVE You Tube page where all the action happens, besides a few other social media apps.

    Before I forget my 67th birthday was a good one, though I had no party and didn’t get to go anywhere. Earlier in the month some friends gave me small gifts which included a skein of purple yarn.  And I got a small purple stuffed teddy bear, one of those ty bears, with the white rose on its chest I’ve been told is called the Princess bear. I now have two!  It’s really cute. The same friend who gave me this also brought me some cupcakes and ice cream I could share if I wanted and I did.  Also on SafariLIVE my favorite leopard returned to the area they make the show from, after being on other reserves for a long time.  It was a great day, maybe the best birthday ever.  The week after a friend at the senior center gave me a beautiful home made blanket made of purple yarn and the pineapple stitch.  Looks like it’s going to be a good year! 
     Out there in the national news the only thing I can remember besides horrible disasters happening with fires and the like, is the unbelievable report that it’s almost time for the mid term election.  I’m not as up on politics as Gerald was, but pray for a good outcome for the Republicans.  And yes, I will still be voting Republican. We can’t let The Democrats win!
     Also on that note I have seen signs reading “Trump 2020.”  I hope though we don’t agree with everything President Trump does, he can stay in office.  One thing in his favor, as of this moment  it doesn’t appear that anyone better from The Republican Party will come along any time soon.
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