The History Continues

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

08-04-05 AJ


    Back with an important announcement!  Last Saturday I published the next two books from “Light: The Divine History Of Spiritism From Hades To Earth” on my web site!  These are “Book 8 The Book Of Brown Goat” and “Book 9 The Book Of Red Cat”.  I hope you’ll check out these most important Works channeled through my late husband Speaker Gerald A. Polley.  They are amazing life stories of two very special individuals with much wisdom and information from the ancient planet of Hades which unfortunately no longer exists.  I have pledged to bring these Teachings of Spiritism to the world to honor The Lords Of Spirit, Who want to enlighten the world, and, so Gerald’s life mission here on Earth won’t be wasted.  Here’s the link to these treasures.  Hope you’ll check Them out and pass the link on to others.

FOOTNOTE: There are only 7 more Books left in The History for me to publish on my web site!  The next one is about 150 pages so it’ll take awhile to put together.  I was shocked to read copyright fees on line are going up from $35 to $55 next month!  This increase is for people publishing someone else’s work.  I refuse to lie and say I wrote these Books when I didn’t!  I pledge to continue copyrighting and publishing The History despite the cost increase, as long as I can!  This is MY life’s mission now!  The Dark Ones won’t stop me!

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