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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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01-04-05 AJ


  Back with the usual update. Wow! It’s April Fool’s Day! This year is flying by!  Things are going slow here at home but I guess that’s good?  And my nose is healing up nicely.
    Someone asked on “CBS Sunday Morning” this week “Did Jesus ever laugh in His whole lifetime?” Of course He did!  Gerald who traveled with him during that lifetime as the Roman soldier Demetrius, told me during Jesus’ time with The Apostles They used to sit around and tell stories and jokes.  He definitely laughed at them.  And some of the jokes were somewhat off color ones.  Here’s the link to his story in The Book Of The Nazarene.  Unfortunately none of the jokes are in there however.

   With the success of the recent “Son Of God” movie some people have complained about it saying the actor who played Jesus was too sexually attractive to play Him.  I know for a fact Jesus was very attractive.  However one fact people always get wrong in portraying him rather on screen or in art is He had much lighter hair.  Gerald said that’s why some in His day mistook Him for a Roman. Whatever this is all I know.  Hope it helps.  Speaking of this movie I’m surprised the new movie “Noah” is number one at the box office this week even though it’s been well reported the script writer didn’t exactly go by The Bible, took a few liberties with the story.  Well, I hope people are getting something out of it and it’s not too far off from what The Bible says. I believe Gerald said  the ark never actually existed but this was the best way people of that era could understand what happened. From what I remember he never went into any more details than this except to say there was a natural disaster.
    I think God had the last word last weekend in California.  A man went with his minister and other church members to be baptized at a local beach, and when he was being baptized a giant wave came and swept him out in the ocean.  Apparently God did not approve.  He hasn’t been found since!
    The crazies are still out there!  A man climbed over the fence at The White House last Sunday then was immediately arrested. White House went on lockdown as required after this happens.  The man’s identity still hasn’t been released.  Charges are pending.  Obama was returning from Europe at the time.
    I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but there’s been quite an uproar concerning The Greens the family who owns of Hobby Lobby stores and the Hans who own Conastoga Wood Specialties. They are fighting for their religious rights.  They are Christians who are also pro life. They don’t allow their employees to have abortions.  Some people I know believe it’s wrong.  That people should be able to work anywhere no matter what the owners’ personal religious beliefs are.  I agree with what Gerald said.  Business owners should be able to run their businesses however they want.  It’s the prospective employees’ responsibility to find out what the rules of a business are before applying for a job there.  Then if they disagree with them just don’t do it!  It’s that simple!  Employers have rights too! It’s their store, they can run it however they want as long as it’s legal of course.  This case has gone to The Supreme Court.  Let’s see what happens with it and in the meantime let’s pray they decide in their favor.  If not God will not be very happy.  He’s not at all pleased with The Supreme Court anyway. I hate to think of what may happen next. Like Speaker Boehner says “Religious freedom is for one and all.” 
     Since I’ve mentioned Speaker Boehner, I love his comment on the fact that the ObamaCare deadline had been changed again to the the most recent 31st deadline to give people more time.  His exact words “What to hell is this, a joke?” I agree. What the hell? Everyone rushes to meet the deadline and the government says “Oh, no worries. You’ve got more time again.”  Stupidity! I see their ObamaCare site has gone down yet again on the deadline date!  Losers!
    So sad and frustrating for everyone, not just the families of passengers of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  I’m wondering what’s really going on.  They’re spending all this money on searching and coming up with garbage, literally.  I’m beginning to think they’re making a big show of things to cover up something else.  Very upsetting to think no one will ever know.
    Not surprising in the entertainment news, to read singer Elton John is ‘marrying’ his long time partner.  They have two little boys they’ve adopted.  Not good, though he’ll always be one of God’s favorite singers of all time, and mine too.
    I see the Disney animated film “Frozen” is now the highest grossing animated film ever!  I couldn’t resist.  Though I don’t like Disney’s policies I actually bought a “collector’s edition” of this DVD from which includes a DVD, Blu ray copy and digital version.   I was shocked to find I love it too!  Well worth the money and time.  Priceless!  It also has a good positive message.  I’m so glad I got it and watched it after I updated my dvd equipment to blu ray player which I got at a very reasonable price.
    Lastly I have to confess, I gave in and bought Johnny Depp’s “Dark Shadows” movie and watched it after I swore I would never do such a thing.  I said this was sacrilege, that it wasn’t meant to be a comedy, and they ruined it.  I got it for $5 at Wal Mart which included a digital copy.  Well, I must say I was horribly wrong.  I had assumed it was going to be really silly, and way off base from the original soap opera from the 60s which I love.  Nope!  I think it was very well done.  Though they did take a few liberties with the plot, I am proud of them for how it all turned out!  Good job, everyone!  Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of a fantastic tv series!  I still have never watched the comedy version of “Land Of The Lost” however of which I said the same thing I did at first about the “Dark Shadows” movie.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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