An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

18-01-05 AJ

   Things have been very slow but I wanted to write something so everybody will know I’m still here.  However though it doesn’t sound very nice for me to say Ariel Sharon has died after eight years in a coma. Finally!  As some of you remember my husband Gerald reported eight years ago Sharon’s spirit had already left his body and it was being inhabited by a creature of Darkness, a demon who was feeding on his life energy to keep going.  Sometimes these demons who take over people’s bodies after the original owners have left them forever are ones who are helping God’s Forces keep the material world in check and going.  They have repented their evil and want a chance to improve themselves on the right Path.  Sometimes they even reincarnate. Anyway, needless to say Sharon’s soul has ceased to exist forever in January of 2,006 for not serving God and negotiating with The Palestinians to give part of His Holy Land, Israel away. And those who this terrible thing happens to do it to themselves.  God doesn’t destroy them, they, themselves do.  It’s just nature’s way, I suppose you could call it.  Sometimes there’s true justice.
    That one of God’s worst enemies was defeated is considered one of the many miracles of His bravest warrior and Apostle Of Religious Assignments, John Lennon, yes, formerly of The Beatles.  Here’s the link to a list of John’s many miracles.  Apologies for the pop up ads.  I intend to remedy this little problem in the future.

    Here’s a link to the song John wrote trying to help oust Sharon from office and save the world

    Boy what about the scandal concerning New Jersey governor Chris Christie?  God was certainly unhappy with him for something.  It can’t be for just being friends with Obama even though he’s a Republican!  If you’ve been reading our material for a while you’ll recall what God stated during my late husband Gerald’s presidential campaign.  No matter Democrat or Republican if there’s something questionable you’ve done He will expose the truth of what you’re really like and bring you to justice.  So far Christie is saying he didn’t know what his aides had done concerning the traffic jam during the election.  If he did actually know what was going on there’s a good chance he could be impeached.  So far everybody is taking his word for it.
    I guess it’s to be expected, Russian president Vladimir Putin and other politicians have backed down to homosexual propaganda.  They’re welcoming gays to participate in the Russian Olympics, but warning them that gays can’t “express their views on gay rights issues to anyone underage”  “They must leave the children in peace,” he says.  I most certainly agree!  A scary thought that I agree with him about anything! Maybe there’s still hope for the world.  Some critics are saying this law discriminates against sexual minorities.  Too bad.  At least something is being done. We must protect the children. They’re our future.
    So scary that eleven states in the US have declared disaster declarations because of the current drought!  Now there’s more brush fires near Los Angeles! I’m sure God and His Forces are doing all They can to help with that situation.  I’m assuming The Holiest Of All still resides there. 
    I was surprised to see that our beloved Prince Harry, known as Capt. Wales, in the British army, has ended his time as an Apache helicopter pilot, and will now be in charge of “organizing major commemorative events involving the army.”  At least it’s a bit safer job.  Everyone is very proud of him in The Afterlife and pray he does well.
    Sports fans are on their own now concerning The Super Bowl.  Princess, a camel in New Jersey’s Popcorn Park Zoo, who predicted the winner of the Super Bowl correctly, the majority of the time, has died.  In 2008 she got 17 out of 22 games right!  Well I’m sure she’s running happy and free in The Afterlife and that The Super Bowl is the last thing on her mind.  However who knows, I may be wrong on that last part.  If there’s any Heavenly predictions I’ll keep you posted. 
    One final note, I’ve been sick this week with that virus I get every year. This time it’s worse because I’m alone. Hopefully I won’t get it a second time like I did last year.   But I’m doing my best to keep my promise to Gerald, and not let stuff get me down, to keep going as best I can.  It gets really scary when the doctor says “You have a virus. There’s nothing we can do,” then just tells you to do the stuff you normally would for a cold.  Sigh. I’m working on it. Needless to say the creatures of Darkness struck at a bad time, as usual, and got through because of the fluctuating weather here.  I’m a bit behind on scanning The Book.  Got some catching up to do.  I’ll get it done, no matter what! 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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