66 Years Ago

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-01-05 AJ

    Wanted to make sure I wrote a message for this week though I’m still recuperating from this horrible cold virus.  I still can’t taste and smell and it’s been two weeks now.  Been taking some cold capsules which haven’t been helping much. Seems like now it’s starting to clear up.  Unfortunately there’s more coughing. 
    The 29th is my late husband Gerald’s 66th birthday.  I was planning to go out for dinner on that day. Now it’s not unless I get my taste and smell back.  Like Gerald used to say, “The best laid plans of men and mice.” He got it backwards with his dyslexia.  I have a couple of small chicken drumsticks I’ll cook in my crock pot if I can’t go out. Have a few errands to run this week anyway plus the end of the month grocery run to Wal Mart.  I’ll be sure to bundle up!  Despite everything production on The History Of Spiritism continues.  Also, I’ve purchased software to help me put together my Kindle books to sell on Amazon.  The Work must go on!
    I read the other day that the former Pope who retired kicked 400 priests out of The Catholic Church in two year’s time for sexually abusing children.  I’m wondering how much this will help him when he finally gets to The Afterlife, IF he makes it There.  When will they realize celibacy in The Church is not a good idea?
    One of God’s heroes, Speaker John Boehner has stated on The Tonight Show to Jay Leno that he’s not interested at all in running for president which is too bad, as I’m sure God thinks he’d make an excellent one.  The Speaker is just happy with his life the way it is now. He’s stated he drinks red wine and smokes cigarettes, also enjoys playing golf and mowing his own lawn.  He’s not giving those things up.  He also commented the in fighting within his own party is bad.  They’re fighting over tactics not their goals.  However they all agree Obamacare is bad.  This is excellent.  Of course God understands those in the material have vices, and Speaker Boehner’s other qualities far outweigh the bad habits he has.  The only major difference of opinion we have with him is that he and most Republicans are anti abortion.  I am pro choice and always will be.  as God has stated in His messages through Gerald in the past, it’s between the pregnant woman and Him if she has an abortion. 
     So exciting!  The Beatles have won The Lifetime Achievement Award at The Grammys! Perfect!  This will be sending my friends John Lennon and George Harrison some spiritual energy to help keep them going and help them help the world.   We don’t know what we’d have done without them!
    Speaking of The Grammys I of course watched it because of Sir Paul and Ringo’s appearances.  I was praising it on Twitter as the best awards show ever until near the end then I was totally disgusted with it!  The band Macklemore with Ryan Lewis started singing. They were saying all love is the same.  Even Paul McCartney seemed to be agreeing with them.  Queen Latifah performed a gay wedding for several male and female same sex couples then Madonna joined her on stage and sang one of her first popular songs. I know most show business people support this stuff now.  I know about free speech and all that, however I will just say there’s a time and a place for everything and The Grammys wasn’t the time and place for something like that in my opinion.
    At The Vatican recently The Pope was giving a speech at a window of The Apostolic Palace as a crowd watched from St. Peter’s Square, where he appealed for peace in the Ukraine.  That’s where anti government protesters died.   Children standing beside him released two doves as symbols of peace for that place.  They were immediately attacked by a sea gull and a crow.  One dove lost some feathers while escaping from the gull and the second one was pecked by the crow.  It’s not known what happened to them after that as they flew off.  Apparently and unfortunately things aren’t going to go well for The Ukraine.  God sometimes even tries to send messages to the few who might still believe using the methods of old, and no one pays heed to them.  They just shrug them off.   It’s so sad when people are so caught up in the material aspects of life they ignore the spiritual messages around them every day, while claiming to be spiritual.  I guess that’s the way it’s always been and always will be.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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