Too Many Goodbyes

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

13-02-05 AJ

    Wow! The year is flying by.  It’s well into February already.  I got a delightful surprise last week! My cell phone rang and I was thinking it was too early to be my neighbor.  Turns out it was our old friend Maine humorist The humble Farmer, Robert Skoglund!  I had been worried because he hadn’t answered my emails since Gerald died.   So of course he didn’t know about this and we talked for like fifteen minutes.  He told me he has a show on tv on the local access channel now which I will see if I can find here.  With that delightful surprise to start my day things hopefully will be uphill from there!   I highly recommend the Farmer’s web site.  Here’s the link.

    One other personal note before we get into the national news.  I couldn’t believe it!  The other day I received an email in my Yahoo Mail in response to one that Gerald channeled and sent out March 16, 2,012!  It was a special message concerning Pope John Paul II.  I guess it was to a radio show called The Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5.  It’s a public radio station.  I thank them for taking the time to write back after all this time and hope they’re continuing to do well.
    Can it be? One of the worst Democrats ever has a little bit of common sense?  Secretary Of State John Kerry has stated he has no plans whatsoever of running for president in 2,016! WOO HOO! But WAIT….he’s a Democrat!  Hopefully he won’t be like Hillary and keep changing his mind.  So far so good in her situation.  She hasn’t made any official announcement……yet!
    Speaking of Hillary, one of the worst Democrats ever, she has stated in past writings that she didn’t think too much about her husband Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was President, because he was under a lot of stress concerning adversaries and she was too.  She also calls Monica a “narcissistic loony tune’ and says their affair was mostly her fault.  Grrr! They can get away with anything!  What a disgrace The Clintons were to America not to mention how he treated the Oval Office!
        The state of Louisiana is blessed by God for so far sticking to its guns so to speak, as their constitution prohibits same sex marriages that happened in other states.   However unfortunately The Forum For Equality Louisiana and four gay couples are challenging this law with of course, a lawsuit.  In the meantime, in Mississippi,  a woman is trying to divorce a woman she married in California.  She’s trying to get the state to recognize their same sex marriage so she can get the divorce.  The world is just getting crazier all the time!
    On this same note unfortunately as I was writing this the state of Kentucky gay marriage ban has just been struck down by a federal judge.  Fortunately there was no ruling made on rather the state would have to perform same sex marriages.  Four gay and lesbian couples had started the lawsuit because they wanted their out of state marriages to be recognized there.  No one can have their own opinion on anything now. 
    Even more discouraging to folks who truly worship God, believe in His Word, The US has extended legal rights to same sex couples.  It’s not known if gay unions will be recognized.  The new ruling will cover the couples who have been “married” legally in a state who does.
   Apparently there’s a White Tail Chapel in Southampton, Virginia that holds it’s church services naked.  They believe in it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it’s about baring your soul to Jesus and of course leading his congregation down the path of righteousness. This is a legitimate church, and God The Father finds nothing wrong with it, as long as no one is forced into being nude there and there’s nothing illegal going on. He wishes they knew the unfortunate truth of what has happened concerning Jesus, and would lend me a hand with The Work.  But no worries. As long as they keep on track it’s all good.
    I’m amazed that the Winter Olympics in Russia are going so well.  Keeping everything crossed it continues that way.  No, I haven’t watched any of it. 
    How disgusting that the trial of the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber won’t be held until this November!  I say he’s a waste of taxpayers money and oxygen.  I pray justice will be done for the victims ASAP.
   What the hell?  I just heard from our good friends Kevin & Bean on KROQ in LA that former Olympian Bruce Jenner besides getting a divorce from his wife, is having a sex change operation!  Everything is so sick now!  If this story is true I have lost all respect for him altogether!
     Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin is now 50 years old.  It seems like everyone is sending her good wishes.  I say at least she’s out of the political picture.  Or is she?
   So sad to hear that Shirley Temple Black has died.  I’ve always loved her movies.  Now, she was decent entertainment!  I hope she’s happily getting settled into The Afterlife.  Also just as I was finishing this up I’ve read comic genius Sid Caesar has died at 91.  He was another favorite I hope is doing well over There.  Like Gerald used to say “They’re dropping like flies!”
    Singer Justin Beiber has temporarily changed his name to Bizzle.  I swear Kevin & Bean are right when they say he thinks he’s a black rapper.  At least he has several friends who are.  Show biz teenagers!  They are very discouraging.
   Don’t want to forget to mention  John Lennon & George Harrison send their praise and thanks to all involved with the production of “The Night That Changed America: The Grammys Salute To The Beatles.” It first aired on CBS the exact date they first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.   It was just what they needed for a fantastic burst of spiritual energy.  They of course also thank their fans for still supporting them.  With a bit of a risk here’s a song I channeled by John for their 40th anniversary.  The mp3 link is at the end of the lyrics.  Just change the number and their feelings are the same!

    Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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