Peace Inside

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

21-02-05 AJ

Back with especially this personal note.  I’ve made another music video of one of the sixteen original songs I channeled back in 1999.  The song is “Peace Inside” which also appeared in my documentary “Where Has Eternity Gone?”  I hope you enjoy this updated version and will pass on the link.

A couple more notes from the home front.  I’ve finished making the HTML web site pages for Books 8 & 9 of The History Of Spiritism which will be published as one volume as they are short.  Next step proof reading, then illustrations and copyrighting before I put them up on the site.  Half way done the entire Book!  Also, I’ve upgraded my web site to Deluxe hosting.  Now I have unlimited space to post all the Books and back issues I need to get out to the public!  Another day older and deeper in debt as the old song says, but it’s worth it and everything is renewed for four years!  I promised Gerald I’d keep it going as long as I could.   Enjoy!

If anyone is curious yes, here in Ellsworth, Maine we’ve been getting all those Named Winter Storms!  More are on the way!  I’m glad where I live others do the shoveling and caring for the parking lot here.  Blessings to them for all their hard work taking care of this place!  Also thank you Weather Channel for keeping us advised of it all.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.  Thanks Time Warner Cable too.  I hope everyone who loves The Weather Channel will complain to The Dish Network who has dropped it from their channel lineup.  They are putting people in danger because they’re not getting the information they need about the weather.

Now at least a little bit of what’s going on in the national news. Thank you to one of God’s heroes, former President George W. Bush for speaking at Bush’s Institute’s Empowering Our Nation’s’ Warriors summit on Wednesday.  He said our Veterans are the different kind of one per cent of our population everyone should support.  “They kept the 99 per cent safe.”  He talked about how difficult it is for veterans too get jobs and succeed in civilian life.  They need help overcoming obstacles towards this goal, not hand outs a retired lieutenant announced. How true!  Thanks for being there to help them once again Mr. President!  You are sincerely missed.

California residents are going to be gathering signatures from registered voters because many want their state to be split into six states.  If they get  807,615 signatures by July 14th, my birthday by the way, the issue will appear on the November ballot!  The man in charge of this initiative is saying the state has so many people it has become “ungovernable”. It’s difficult for Sacramento to keep up with the different social issues from the various regions.  According to The Huffington Post the six new states would be called “Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California”  I say go for it, whatever works to help the people better is the most important thing.  And on the other hand for years residents of North and South Dakota have been wanting to combine these states into Dakota!

Well, what do you know. Some good news out there!  Obama has decided not to make any cuts to Social Security.  He was using this idea to get Republicans to agree to a “Grand Bargain,” and most of them never did because it included raising taxes.  Good!  Most Republicans are very smart when it comes to this kind of thing.

Here we go again!  Democratic attorneys are not going to defend Oregon’s gay marriage ban saying it’s unconstitutional.  We’ll just see what happens to them when their time comes on their Judgment Days….if they even make it to Heaven.

So sad about all the violence in the Ukraine with the protestors against the government in the capitol city Kiev.  They want the president to resign. 70 protestors have died. As someone commented the people want freedom but the price of freedom is great.  Prayers to the victims and their loved ones.  Good luck!

You must remember the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.  Some of their members were jailed for two years for singing a song against Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral. They were charged with hooliganism.  Well Sunday they were in Sochi where the winter Olympics are being held, and tried to sing a song protesting the Olympics and Putin under one of the Olympic signs.  They were attacked by militia members who horse whipped them until they were even lying on the ground being whipped!  I saw the video!  It was horrible!  The before mentioned music video is now on You Tube.  It shows some of what happened.  Some of the band’s members are due to be on trial Friday where the verdict will be read concerning clashes between protestors, police and demonstrators back in May of 2,012 in Bolotnaya Square on the eve of Putin’s inauguration to his third term as president.  They could face up to ten years if convicted for the protest!  I hope they won’t be!  And I pray they will be safe.

In American entertainment news, it’s pretty bad when parents and grandparents of fans of demon Miley Cyrus are contacting her management team concerning her latest tour called “Bangerz” saying it’s inappropriate for young fans.  Kids of all ages can see her show as long as they’re accompanied by a parent.   However as one mother put it they don’t want to subject their 9 year old to a “porn show.”  In it Miley among other things, even pretends to have oral sex with a Bill Clinton look alike and rides on a huge fake flying hot dog!  Then the worst, someone in the audience gave her a thong and she put it in her mouth!  EW!  She even gives marijuana rolling papers out with her show info packets!  There are just no words!  She is corrupting our children!  Something must be done to get her to clean up her act!

Along the same lines, deport Justin Bieber!  I’m just sayin’.

Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

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