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24-02-05 AJ


Wasn’t planning on a message for today but God apparently had other ideas.  An old friend of mine has a birthday on the 25th, the same day as George Harrison’s!  I of course thought that was awesome.  She asked me if maybe John Lennon & George Harrison might come up with a song for her birthday.  So Saturday night I picked this one up and Sunday I recorded a video of it.  Hope you like it! 


I was shocked to realize it’s the first NEW song I’ve channeled from either John or George since June 26, 2,011!  John’s done a couple of parodies for our friends at The Black Knight & Squire G Show but that’s about it.  I just had to put this on line ASAP!  I love it. Apologies to our friends at ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” as John borrowed a little from the music of  his old song tribute to them “The Magic”.  It was the best he could do with such short notice.  Anyway I love the new song!  Feel free to pass on the link.
Oh here’s the link to “The Magic” for posterity.


Other news from the home front isn’t so good.  I’ve been using the Windows free program Live Writer to compose my blog pages and suddenly it won’t connect with my web site to upload!  There’s an error message.  Looks like I’m going to be making my pages on the WordPress web site unless a solution to the problem can be found.

On to a few comments about the national news.  Congrats to Those involved in helping capture Chicago’s billionaire drug lord at last!

So good to see some veterans are getting The Medal Of Honor they should’ve received years ago but didn’t because of racism and prejudice. Obama does something right once and a while.

Unfortunately The Taliban has reared its ugly head again as it has suspended talks with the US concerning exchanging a US soldier they have captured for Guantanamo Bay detainees.  That should never happen anyway but there must be some way too get our man back safe and sound!

I see Governor Chris Christie has been keeping a low profile at the meetings in Washington for the fundraiser for The Republican Governors Association.  Now I see he’s scheduled to appear at that fundraiser with Mitt Romney.  What a nightmare that is!  I’m glad I’m no where in the area.

So scary that it’s tornado season again.  Hopefully nothing will be half as bad as it was last year.  Now the creatures of Darkness are even trying to stop race car driver Danica Patrick with tornados as there was a warning out that one may have been in the area of the Daytona 500 track Sunday before the race.  I hope she’ll do ok and as she’s one of God’s favorite ladies I’m sure she will.

In entertainment news so sad to see that Maria von Trapp of the famous von Trapp Family Singers from “Sound Of Music” fame has died in her sleep at her Vermont home at the age of 99!  I’d say she did very well!  Hopefully she is climbing more mountains in The Afterlife and is charming everyone with her beautiful songs.

More disgusting antics from singer Miley Cyrus.  She was apparently in some show with Katy Perry who made popular the disgraceful song “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It.” Well let’s just say Miley kissed her on the lips.  It’s getting worse all the time out there!

One final note, Facebook has changed its policy to keep deceased members’ pages up the way they left them. Before they only let their close family members or such have access to their accounts.  Several people are complaining. Why?  I don’t think there’s any harm done unless of course the person was bad and passing on illegal information.  I’m assuming in that case or if there was some crime involved with their death the authorities would step in and have them taken down?

Well better get going. More proofreading to get done.  Friday is my outpatient surgery on my nose to remove the skin cancer.  The only thing that’s bothering me is I can’t have any water after midnight before hand. Oh well, it could be worse!  Be back next week!

Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

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