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30-09-23 AJ


I guess I shouldn’t have said anything in my last post here concerning hoping there’s no more disasters,  because of course as you figured there have been more out there.  First after all Hawaii has suffered with the horrible fires, now a volcano has erupted there!   On the east coast of this country there’s been awful hurricanes.  As I write this now New York City is experiencing some terrible floods from the last of hurricane Ophelia!   My mind is completely boggled trying to remember all the things that have happened this month!

On the political front the Democrats and Republicans in the senate etc. are trying everything they can to throw a major monkey wrench into next year’s election. Of course the Democrats are digging up all the dirt on former President Trump, most of which is fake news,  trying to make it so he’d never be able to run for President again.  To bad, so sad!  All they’re doing is making him the most popular candidate running for next year’s election!  Good! Keep it up boys!  We need all the good luck we can get!  Don’t worry, we’ll make it!

On the home front I’ve been able to channel a new song.  As you know I’ve been watching Wild Earth, Safari Live for 16 years.  They loved the other song I did for them “Thank You Safari Live!” which you can find on You Tube, and it’s I’m surprised and thrilled to say it’s had over 1,000 views!  So Now I’ve gotten a song for Wild Earth Kids, the kids whose schools sign up to do a virtual safari with Safari Live Wednesdays for an hour in their classrooms and can ask the guides questions live during the game drive.  There’s students from different schools watching every week.  Anyway the link to this new song is below.  I hope you like it.


Well I guess that’s it for this month.  Wish I had more to talk about.  Stay safe!  And don’t forget your new Covid and flu shots!

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