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31-10-13 AJ


First of all I have to say I’m really shocked and shaken up about this latest disaster in the world.  That’s because it happened right here in the state of Maine!  October 25th.  A mentally unstable man in Lewiston, Maine which is down south of where I live, shot and killed 18 people and wounded 13 others while they enjoyed a night out with their families and friends, some were at a bowling alley and the others at a restaurant.   The youngest victim was a 14 year old boy.  I also read that some of the people who were at the bowling alley were deaf.  All this is so horrible and sad!  Then days later they found the  shooter dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound after a huge manhunt.   More work of demonic influence!

Prayers to the friends and families of this man’s victims.  I’m beginning to wonder if this senseless violence will ever end.  At least, aas far as I know, it wasn’t done because of the war that’s going on now.   We will continue to carry on, and keep these victims in our hearts.  We won’t let evil stop us from trying to make the world a better place.

The thing to me that’s worrisome on a personal note, is that I’ve been thinking for some time that Maine is the best and safest state in America to be.  Almost nothing like this ever happens here, and the weather is usually good.  We only get the very tail end of bad hurricanes, etc.  Hopefully that’s the end of it for Maine and we can all live in peace.  Like the sign says when crossing the border into Maine “Welcome to Maine. The way life should be.”  Let’s pray that the powers that be can keep it that way the best they can.

Meanwhile there’s politics as usual.  The Democrats are being the worst they can be trying to stop former president Donald Trump from running for president next year.  Well too bad.  Like I keep mentioning the worse they treat him the more Republicans support him realizing all the drama and dare I call it underhanded mischief going on towards him here.    I’ll just be glad when this election is overand hopefully we’ll have a Republican president again.  I don’t think I need to name names here.

Before I forget  two things. I felt so bad after my last post here.  For the first time since 1999 I’ve forgotten to mention How it was almost John Lennon’s Heavenly birthday on the 9th and to thank him for helping me all these years and trying to help keep the world going on the right track.  Blessings to you always!

I have channeled a new song.  This one is for the kids who watch Wild Earth but I’m sure everyone will enjoy it.  You can check it out at

Last but not least I hoope everybody has a happy Halloween the Spiritist holiday of giving thanks to our Ancestors.  Basically it’s the Spiritist Thanksgiving.  Anyway I hope something happy comes out of it for all our sakes.  We all need something to cheer us up especially now with all the fighting etc. going on.  Anyway blessings to all and hope  you have a good day.  I have a doctor’s appointment that day and plan to wear my Halloween costume.  Don’t worry it’s just a Hocus Pocus t shirt, dark pants, a little purple sparkly witches’ hat, and a Harry Potter wand.  I’m sure my doctor will love it.

See you next month!  Once again don’t forget your flu and Covid shots!   I got mine today!

Happy Halloween!

PS I wore my costume to my appointment and my doctor and everyone who saw it loved it!  Plus I wasn’t the only one who had a  costume there!

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