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30-11-13 AJ


Wow!  It’s so hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st!  The month has just flown by!  I had an awesome Thanksgiving at my friend’s apartment down the hall.  Other than that just small irritating things have happened like me trying to buy a smart watch that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Thanks to my friend I found the perfect one!  And it’s almost just like the Samsung watch I had that wouldn’t connect to an IPhone!   But this does. I just have to read more of the instructions.

In the news it’s just seemed so promising with the release of so many Hamas Isreali etc hostages!  I’m so happy for those released and hope they’ll live long and happy lives from now on.  I hope more are released soon.

Actually I’m shocked that this war has gone on as long as it has.  Plus, it’s terrifying to hear that Isis and Hamas have been thinking about attacking our country!  I pray this will never happen.  Once God The Father told me through my husband Gerald that we didn’t have to worry about a war.  All countries that may even consider it are very afraid of our military forces’ strength.  Keep up the good work military folks!  I have complete faith God’s words will continue to remain true.

Speaking of things hard to believe, now the countdown to the 2024  Presidential Election has begun!  With so many things going on with the different candidates it’s hard to keep track of it all!  Poor President Trump is in big trouble. The Democrats are saying he lied about the size of his properties, President Biden’s son is in trouble and I guess in court for whatever it is, etc. etc. etc.!   I just can’t wait until the election’s over.  But then what do we have to look forward to if the Democrats win again?  I hope all this stress and anxiety concerning it will stop.

And then there’s the issues with the weather.  There’s all these big storms everywhere!  Is it global warming?  I don’t know, but here the beginning of December in Maine it’s supposed to be in the 40s F temps off and on in the next week!  However, there’s a big snow/rain storm possibly heading my way from down south.  Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere!  Unless I have a doctor’s appointment that is.

Hmmm… I don’t think I’ve forgotten to mention anything.   Hope everyone is safe, well and happy!  Many thanks for continuing to read my blog!  I  really appreciate it!  I’ll see you all next month.   Happy Holidays!

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