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28-12-13 AJ


Just wanted to get a few comments in before the New Year.  Some of you may remember years ago, probably decades now, it’s in our magazine anyway, that God The Father granted Lord Peter, formerly known as Saint Peter, permission as he requested, to do all he could to bring down the Catholic Church because of all of its corruption over the years.  Well looks like he’s been working overtime on that assignment!  The Pope has been granted permission to give blessings to same sex couples!  Of course the church is as has always been against same sex marriage, and this is as close to it as you can get!  I can’t wait to hear the backlash concerning this little bit of even more corruption in the Catholic faith.  I won’t be surprised if I hear of many, many Church members leaving and joining another belief system.  Good luck to them if they do!   If it was me I’d get far away from that church, very far away as things seem to be rapily collapsing concerning it.    Though it might not sound very good for me to say it, keep up the good work Lord Peter!  Things are definitely not going as the Church had planned.

On the political front, so horrible that the Democrats continue their merciless attack on former President Donald Trump.  One of the most important swing states in the 2024 presidential election, Colorado’s Supreme Court, has voted that Trump is now banned from the  primary ballot in this state next year because of the insurrection clause!  And many other states may follow suit. This sets up a likely issue that he can no longer be on the ballot for President!  The court, that was all appointed by Democratic govenors,  has for the first time, used section 3 of The 14 Amendment  to disqualify a Presidential Candidate.  I also heard this hasn’t been made official yet.   And this is only December, ‘23!  I cringe to think of what dirty tricks they’ll come up with next!  Update: Colorado Republicans have gotten this overturned this decision, upon stating the fact that only congress can enforce such rules.

It looks like Maine has voted the same way as Colorado did!  I hope the outcome is chamged the same way as theirs was.

Also just read that President Trump recetly posted a Christmas message of sorts, on a web site some of whidh basicaly  stating that the good and evil people that are trying to “destroy the once great USA  May they rot in Hell!” He ended with “Merry Christmas!”  I don’t blame him one bit for speaking his mind about the things going on today.  I say tell it like it is!

Still such horrible things going on in Iran and Iraq .  So shocking beyond believe that the Israeli people in Bethelem decided not to celebrate Christmas, in the place Jesus  was born, because of the war!  To me and I’m sure several others this is unheard of and hopefully will never happen again!  After all they are God’s chosen people!  They deserve their freedom of religion.

So good however that Hamas released many of its hostages.  How heartbreaking, however, that some were killed the first days of when the others were taken, and their familes didn’t know they were no longer  alive until their bodies were found in their home that was destroyed just recently.  Prayers to them and their familes.  May they rest in peace.

On the home front, I want to apologize to everyone that this was the first Christmas in years I hadn’t put up a Holiday Card on our web site, and made up any cards to give out as I usually do.  The holidays snuck up on me so fast I didn’t have time to get anything ready.  However I did buy some cards and gave them out to my friends here in my building, Hopefully next year I’ll get to put up one again.  I had a nice relaxing Christmas, had a lovely Christmas lunch with two of my friends here and a nice visit after.  So thankful we can still enjoy doing these things, and are safe!  Happy New Year!  See you in 2024!

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