Let’s Get Her Done!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley

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30-01-14 AJ


It’s so awesome to have good news for a while.  It’s working out like The Afterlife and I predicted for former President Donald J Trump!  Apparentely he’s winning big time in the primaries and the other presidential candidates that are dropping out of the election have now chosen to back him!  Thank the Lords for this.   The only thing I know I strongly disagree on With Trump is I strongly support a woman’s freedom of choice.  It’s just horrible what they’ve caused by banning abortion, even if the mother and/or baby’s health is at risk or even life itself.  I pray this will change soon for the sake of the women who absolutely need it.  Anyway let’s keep the ball rolling! The news is saying Trump’s primary results are unprecedented! Woo hoo!  Keep em rollin’! Like the famous comedian once said let’s get  ‘er done!

However as we expected all this good fortune doesn’t come without a threat.   I’ve also read in the news that who should be back in the picture but former presidents Obama and Clinton trying to raise support for the Democrats!  The thought of the two of them working together literally makes my skin crawl!  I hope their efforts turn out to be an epic fail!

How horrible the war overseas goes on and on.  Prayers and thanks to all those bravely fighting the evil there.   I hope they will release all the hostages soon.

On the entertainment front, I am very upset that Alec Baldwin has to go through another trial concerning the accidental shooting death of the camera woman for the film he was working on at the time called “Rust”.  It seems like just the other day this awful thing happened but it was in 2021!  He will be up for involuntary manslaughter charges.  The woman who handled the weapons for the film will also go to court in February and  has declared she’s not guilty of tampering with them.  I hope things turn out in Mr  Baldwin’s favor.  I’d still swear to this day that demons took him over and caused all this.  We’ll have to wait and see what the final verdict is.

Of course I made it to the new year and will keep going strong as long as I can.  Yesterday would have been my late husband Gerald’s 77th birthday.  I hope he is  proud of me and what I am doing here.  I’ll keep doing the best I can to keep things going.  Any little thing I can do to help the good vibrations going strong to our friends in The Afterlife I’ll work on.   Until next month! Stay safe! Be happy!

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