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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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17-05-04 AJ

    Things have been slow lately in the news, which is kind of a good thing, but now I’m back with a small update for the weekend.  O.k., O.k.!  Those in The Afterlife wanted me to use the title of this email.  Of course I had to comply.  It’s referring to the O.J. Simpson issue mentioned in the last paragraph.  What a sense of humor They have!
    It looks like the creatures of Darkness don’t like it one bit that our old friends Elgard and Lorn are living in Texas!  It’s not surprising that the other day somewhere near Dallas they had deadly tornadoes touch down. From what I’ve heard they were nowhere near their area, thank God!  Also apparently Lorn was in a car accident too. So glad he’s ok!  His car not so much unfortunately.
    A bit late but needless to say everyone in The Afterlife is disgusted that we’ve lost Minnesota to the sickness known as gay marriage.  The Democrats continue to destroy the world.  I personally don’t think it would be as popular if Obama hadn’t put his two cents in  for it. Oh well. We’ll just have to see how things go.   
    So horrible the story from South Carolina, where the adopted parents of an 8 year old are suing the state because when their baby was born it was intersex, had both male and female sexual organs.  The baby was in foster care and those caring for him gave consent to doctors to remove his male organs, which as they say violated his constitutional rights. This sterilized him, and “greatly reduced if not eliminated his sexual function.”  He identifies as a boy, is accepted as such by his school and pediatrician. His adopted parents were upset when they discovered the surgery had already been done.  Doctors argue it’s better to do this kind of surgery sooner rather than later. I hope his parents win this case and get a lot of money.  The “sex assignment surgery” was not urgently necessary when it was done.  Like the parents say, they compromised the boy’s civil rights, and made a permanent, irreparable decision.  They removed the wrong gender!  I feel so bad for this little boy!  I hope things turn out all right for him.  Now this is a legitimate sexual orientation problem, not some sick adult individual suddenly wanting to have a sex change operation, like Chastity Bono for one.
      Well Thursday afternoon The House voted for the repeal Obama Care, 229-195.  It’s said of course it won’t go through with the Democratic run Senate.  The decision to hold a vote on it has been done 37 times before!  Hopefully this time the Democrats will take the hint and say enough is enough and agree.  We can dream!  Thanks to Speaker John Boehner & friends for continuing to try.
     Rep. Michele Bachmann says she is asked every weekend what Congress is waiting for.  People want to know why they’re not impeaching Obama because of his unconstitutional actions since he’s been in office.  The article doesn’t state her answer to them, however, apparently there’s several people out there much smarter than I think they are.  Keep asking folks!  Maybe someday it will happen.  Let us pray it’s sooner than later.
     Princess Diana is very proud of Prince Harry for his work with disabled veterans during his trip to the U.S. .  I hope he continues his good work.
     Glad to see O.J. Simpson’s ex and late wife Nicole Brown Simpson’s hard work is paying off to get justice for her and her friend Ron Goldman as OJ is having problems in court again with his new trial for stealing his old stuff back from pawn shop owners or wherever it was at.  I hope they keep him in jail and he never gets his freedom back!  Like Gerald has mentioned Nicole doesn’t remember seeing who killed her and Ron, she just knows, you know what I mean?  Gerald also taught that most people don’t remember what happens in the last half hour of their lives.  Of course in cases like this is mostly a good thing.  Blessings to them.  May they have justice and rest in peace.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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