Blessings For Bean And Bond

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

10-11-03 AJ

   Back with more on the news.   Obama teared up while thanking his campaign staff for all their hard work.  He says the election will go down in history.  He should be thanking God who couldn’t let Romney win at all costs. 
    Condoleezza Rice says The Republican Party lost the election because they gave mixed messages concerning women’s issues and immigration issues.  I say they lost because Mitt Romney is an idiot, plain and simple!  He said all the wrong things at the wrong times and made people hate him and he made God his enemy.  You can’t do that and become the president of The United States.  It’s reported he’s shell shocked with his election loss.  I don’t feel sorry for him one bit!
    Looks like God has another enemy.  The Anglican Church in The UK has a new Archbishop Of Canterbury, Justin Welby.  He’s been against homosexuality as should be, but now he’s changing his mind.  Not surprising considering the nature of The Anglicans over there to be for this sickness. However there was some hope that he wouldn’t change his mind.  Anyway they got the boot from God some time back because of this.  Things don’t look very promising.
   What next? There’s a new baby doll being sold that breast feeds!  It’s for pre teen girls, There’s a bra the girls that own the doll put on over their clothes that has censors where the nipples would be that makes the doll’s mouth move and the doll makes sucking sounds.  I definitely agree with breast feeding however I think this is a little bit much.  I can certainly understand why it is having trouble getting into the mainstream media.  The article about it asks if it is creepy.  I say definitely!
    I don’t want to forget to say God blesses our old friend Bean Baxter of KROQ in Los Angeles, even more than He usually does.  Tuesday he is donating a kidney to someone who needed one!  I think the man lives in his area, in Washington State.   He’ll be back on the show in two weeks.   I’m sure he’ll be fine but I’m sure God’s Forces will be protecting you, and who knows, maybe even John Lennon & Gerald!
    Supposedly 100 UFOs have been seen on the India-China border.  Yellowish spheres have been seen which hang around for three to five hours before disappearing.  They’ve been noticed by some military groups there.  One of the UFOs was spotted visually and didn’t show up on radar, which means it wasn’t metallic.  India Today says that there’s no evidence of the UFOs being of extra-terrestrial origin.  I wonder what our friends in The Galactic Community are up to now?  There would be no way I’d have of finding out.  Sometimes I feel so useless, though I know that’s definitely not  true.  I’m hoping they get my messages out there like they used to Gerald’s so they know what’s happened to him. 
    The director of The CIA, David Petraeus, resigned Friday.  He supposedly cheated on his wife after being married for 37 years.  Somehow I have a feeling either that’s not the true reason or there’s more to it than that.  Especially since he was given the position by Obama in 2,010.
    Congratulations to the filmmakers of James Bond movies as it’s the 50th anniversary of them!  The latest “Skyfall” sounds great, not to mention singer Adele sings the theme song.  Definitely one to check out if you get the chance. 
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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