Wait Until Judgment Day

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

08-11-03 AJ

          I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m completely exhausted after the presidential election!  Yes I went and voted for Gerald, and against gay marriage, but my vote on that didn’t do any good. Maine went for it after all those times of listening to God.  All I can say is whoever voted for it will have to repent on Judgment Day if they want to get into The Kingdom Of God, if they get that far.
    Like I mentioned on Twitter, the election outcome was a no brainer, especially when God needed to get Romney out of there no matter what.  God did it again!  Now we’ll have to contend with Obama’s homosexual agenda for another four years, and his stupid Obamacare.  Maybe we’ll be lucky and he’ll be impeached like he should have been some time ago. 
    What a relief that Speaker Boehner was able to keep his job!  He’s still there and working for hard for The American People.
    One person I voted for did get elected, and that’s Angus King, former Governor of Maine, who is now going to be a senator, taking traitor Olympia Snowe’s place because she’s retiring that job.  I don’t know much about Senator King, however I remember hearing a lot about him when he was governor, and I assume he did a  good job.  I’m sure he’ll do better than the person he’s replacing would have!
    Batten down the hatches everybody!  Nor’easter’s a comin’!  Supposed to rain here, however it’ll need to get a lot warmer.  It was 20 degrees this morning.  We’ll have to see what Mother Nature will have in store.  Prayers to the Hurricane Sandy victims.  I hope they all find a warm, dry place and safe place to stay until it’s over 
    The GOP has admitted failures with minorities and women.  Wonder what made them come up with that? DUH!  I’d say epic fail, however it worked out for the best.
    What next? A 43 year old Mexican immigrant in Albany, New York is suing the Catholic Church.  He was so thrilled when his wife recovered from cancer he volunteered to clean the large marble cross outside the Hudson Valley Church on Memorial Day in 2,010.  This is the church in which he spent many hours praying for his wife’s recovery.  Anyway, while he was scrubbing the cross it tipped over, crushing his right leg.  He ended up having to have it amputated.  He was cleaning Christ’s face when the crucifix fell off its base,, knocking him to the ground.  Some pieces broke off but the most of it landed on his leg.  It was only held onto the base by one screw!  The Church raised $7,000 in donations to help this man, but he hasn’t been able to work since the accident. He’s suing St. Patrick’s church for three million dollars.  I’ll be very interested in hearing the outcome of this which will take place next year.  The man and his wife have three children.  Sounds to me like something wasn’t quite right with him and that was a sign from God.  What do you think?
    A Chicago area woman went into labor early Tuesday morning but was able to get in her vote in the ambulance on the way to the hospital!  They say this election had the worst voter turnout ever, however there’s stories like this and some states keeping the polls open later than usual because of long  lines, they made sure everyone got in their votes. 
    I haven’t heard any news concerning the areas devastated by the hurricane, how their voting went.  I’m hoping that’s all legit.  As usual I heard some comment about Florida.  At least this time there’s no dimples and chads! 
     Just think, next presidential election I will be 65 years old.  I pray we have a much better Republican candidate! 
      I was considering discontinuing my comment at the end of all my messages concerning The National Buyers’ Strike, after the election. However I remembered what Gerald told me.  The economy is  one of the main things Obama is bragging about that he has helped with.  If we can show him somehow that the economy isn’t as successful as he thinks it is we should do it.  One of the things that could to this is a national buyers’ strike.  So now we’ve got four more years.  Let’s keep trying!   I’m going to keep reminding people of this as long as Obama is in The White House.  Here’s a link to the letter from God The Father explaining about The Christmas Buyers’ Strike.  I’m also still promoting this effort.  After all, it’ll be here sooner than we think.


     One final note, Monday is Veterans Day.  Here’s a link to Gerald’s videos concerning our Veterans made in 2,007.  He really cared about them and still does in The Afterllife.  Here’s the links to all four parts. 





    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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