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31-07-12 AJ


Well here I am back again! So hard to believe tomorrow is August already! But I’m hanging in here, doing pretty good, actually.

Unfortunately I don’t have that much to say about what’s going on in the news. It’s basically the same as last month except worse.

One thing, though I’m surprised former President Trump hasn’t announced if he’s going to run in the next Presidential Election yet. Well, I’d say it was a given, with him going around making all these speeches and such. Call me crazy, but I’d vote for him any day over some Democrat. I’m not saying they’re all bad, mind you however we’ve got to get things back on track. The Democrats are spending money like there’s no tomorrow. It’s awesome they want to help people, just think about it though. If we spend all this money, how are we going to pay it back? The national budget isn’t doing very good at all. Oh well, not much I can do about it, just vote Republican in the Presidential Election and spread the word about it the best I can.

In entertainment news, condolences to the family and friends of actress Nichele Nichols who passed away of natural causes this weekend just gone by. She was a hero and national treasure! On the original Star Trek series she made history by playing Lt Uhura, one of the first black women roles in a science fiction tv series to take place in space on the starship Enterprise, and also had the first interracial kiss with Captain Kirk, played of course by William Shatner! Ms Nichols was 89. One of my heroes! May she have a well deserved rest in The Afterlife!

Most of my news is of a personal nature. My birthday was July 14th, now I’m 71. My best friend who lives in North Dakota, you probably remember him as good old Elgard, surprised me and drove all the way here to Ellsworth, Maine! He arrived on July 1st and stayed until the following Tuesday. The day before was the last time we visited. He surprised me with a brand new expensive laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse! We went to Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park and drove around. He loved it! He took me to Pizza Hut! Saturday we went to Governor’s Restaurant for lunch (I had a lobster roll!) then back down that way but to Bass Harbor and saw the lighthouse in the furthest place south you can get to the coast of Maine or some such. I couldn’t walk down the steep hll to the lighthouse, but Elgard did and took some pics. The ocean scenery was great there. The final day we went to Bangor. He didn’t like any of the movies playing, so we had lunch at The Olive Garden, awesome as usual, then I showed him the house where I grew up, the house with the apartment where I lived with Gerald & his mom for a while. Last but not least we just had to see author Stephen King’s house! As I expected it was awesome and amazing! I took a picture, but I didn’t get out of the car like I wanted to and get a close up of the fence with the bats on it.

Any way that was all the excitement, I had an actual vacation as after Elgard went home I took the rest of the week off, so to speak and relaxed. Thank you Elgard for the best surprise and birthday ever!

That’s about it for this month. Wish I had more news to comment on.

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