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31-08-12 AJ


    Just a couple of mentions on what’s in the news for the month of August.  I don’t know what the world’s coming to!  The fiasco with the Democrats going to former President Trump’s Florida home with a search warrant to get the classified files he took with him when he left office seems highly uncalled for to me.   On the news they said they were not classified any more and that if anyone wanted them they just needed to ask for them.   Then they all went in there, searched the whole house and then took everything they wanted of these items!    I personally don’t think it’s fair and a travesty of justice.    They say they found some information in them that would have been a danger to the country and certain parties if it had been made public.  We’ll as usual have to wait and see what comes of this.  Hopefully these people working on this will come to their senses and no more will be heard of it unless there is something earth shaking in these files.  Every time I think it’s safe, the Democrats come up with anything to discredit President Trump!    Well some day they won’t get away with things and we’ll see what they do about it. Oh, and I wonder what was going on in the world they wanted to draw attention away from that was much more important they could have helped with?   Hmmmmm,,,,


    Blessings to Serena Williams on future endavors as she leaves the world of tennis to better raise her family and perhaps have another baby.  What a lady!  I admire someone who does well in sports. I wish I had half as much strength and energy! 

     On a personal note not much going on here.   I suppose I’ve got to get back at scanning that novel my husband wrote and making it into an e book ffor the web site.  I hope someone will read these things I work so hard to put up for everyone.  Still getting used to this new laptop.  I love it!   I bought a new digital piano and hope to record more music videos. 

    That’s about it for this month.  Just managed to squeeze it in!  I hope to be Not as late next month!  See you then!

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