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30–09-12 AJ


Back again at the last minute . I don’t have very much to comment on this month. The main thing that got my attention in the news. And that’s the fact that news outlets took former President Trump seriously when he said he could declassify documents just by thinking about doing it. They take everything seriously! Of course the Democrats jumped all over this to put another negative mark against him. You’ll never know what they’ll do!

On a personal note I want to say Happy Birthday to the Spirit of John Lennon in The Afterlife October 9th. If it hadn’t been for his help let’s just say the world would be in worse shape now. I also want to thank him for sticking with me over the years and guiding me down the right Path.

Kind of surprising to learn Queen Elizabeth II has died. I guess considering her age it wasn’t shocking. I hate to say it but I’m wondering how she made out in the Afterlife, considering how badly she treated Princess Diana and others. Good luck to them with King Charles.

Condolences to everyone who lost someone in the horrible hurricane Ian. I found the video of the damage afterward to be so shocking! And the weather problems just seem to be getting worse! Even more shocking the hurricane before this one ended up in Canada, and they hardly ever get them! Maine usually gets the remnants and that’s it! Wow! I hate to think what will happen next!

I guess nothing else for this time. Hopefully more in October and there’ll be good news too.

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