Boo! No Scares For Halloween Please!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley

The Voice Of God On Earth

To The World

31-10-12 AJ


I hope everyone is having a safe and happy Halloween! I won’t keep you long just have a couple of quick comments foro October.

I wanted to report that I have voted by mail in ballot already and am very disappointed with it, and don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again. The reson being I of course wanted to vote for all the Republicans. However, on a couople of camdidates I didn’t like most of the things I’d heard about them on tv, and wanted to choose someone else. However the only other person to vote for was a Democrat. So even though I didn’t care for the Republican candidate I had to vote for them, in like a “Lesser of two evils” choice. Of course they had the write in candidate space, however but I don’t think voting for my husband Gerald would count because he’s dead. So I was stuck voting for someone I didn’t like. Wish the system could be improved somehow.

Speaking of voting I’m shocked at how far the Democrats are going, more than ever to discredit President Trump! Something’s got to happen soon in his favor.

Last but not least I give many thanks for our for real ancient aliens, the Hashons, Havens and Peepians, who came to earth on this date eons ago after a terrible war on their home worlds, and tried to help save this world. Halloween is the Spiritist’s Thanksgiving. You can read about what happened in Our History Book;

Well, I guess I just got this together in time! Hopefully there’ll be more good stuff to write about next month.

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