He’s Back!

An Open Letter From
Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-11-12 AJ


    How time flies! It doesn’t seem possible it’s passed Thanksgiving already now we’re on the fast downhill cycle to Christmas! I had a great Thanksgiving at my friend’s apartment here in this building and got a surprise to be invited to Christmas dinner with another friend! Hope everyone’s holidays go as well
    Well, dare I say it one dream has come true! Former President Donald Trump has announced he is running for President again in 2,024! I’m so glad and hope he gives the Democrats a run for their money, and proves that most of what they’ve been claiming about him and his family is wrong!

    I will repeat my opinion once again. I have never seen anybody be so hateful and despisable as The Democrats are to Donald Trump! I understand they want to see things done right and believe they have been etc, but there’s simply no need of the way they are doing every little thing they can think of to get him out of the political picture. I will just say I will always be a Republican! I will never support such underhanded treachery in my life!

    Well I guess that’s all I have to say about politics this month. Now on to a more positive subject.

Here I want to recommend something awesome. If you love wild animals in Africa you should try out the Wild Earth channel’s free app. It’s available for several platforms and if you register for a free account you’ll get to see all kinds of awesome programs. My favorite of course is Safari Live, live game drives twice a day in South Africa, where you can ask questions on the Wild Earth app and sometimes get them answered live right on the show! There’s also Penguin Beach, and Escape To Nature, and The Best Of Safari Live, where you can relax and learn all kinds of things. Also some fantastic news! Starting December 1st the Wild Earth channel will be featured on the Roku Channel free and a new fun show will be debuting starring one of our favorite naturalists, authors and musicians, Mr. James Hendry! He’ll be showing some clips of some of the most exciting, memorable moments from Safari Live’s past drives I’m sure most will be featuring himself when he went out looking for exciting and elusive special wild life for Safari Live. This show will be called The Wild Show, shown twice a day and other times. Be sure to check the schedule for this and all the other awesome productions on The Wild Earth app! Just one more note on this….if you can afford a little bit extra a month and you really enjoy this app I recommend signing up to be an Explorer! Well worth it, and the extra programming you can view, plus the ad free feature. Here’s the link to the Wild Earth web site. All the details are on there.


    See you all next month here. Let’s hope there’s more positive things in the political issues to talk about.

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