Oh No They Didn’t!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley

The Voice Of God On Earth

To The World

22-12-13 AJ


Just a quick note before the holidays. I didn’t want to bring up anything negative here but now things are really getting down to the wire concerning President Trump’s bid for the Presidency. The January 6 committee gave their final word on what happened that fateful day, and they’re saying that President Trump is unfit to run for any kind of federal office ever again! If this will actually become the official final word on this subject, I don’t know what I’ll do. Well there’s of course nothing I could actually do to change anything but things would definitely look good for the future of the world. Anyway political rant over.

I was finally able to create a Holiday card for my readers. It’s actually just a picture not a page, but I hope you like it. Stay safe and happy! I’ll see you here next year!


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