Why Classified?

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley

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29–01-13 AJ


     Hi everybody!  Wow January has just flown by!  I had good holidays, hope you guys did too.  I wanted to be sure to post here today because this is the date of my late husband Gerald’s birthday.  He would have been 76 years old!  I hope he had a good relaxing day in The Afterlife.  I always think of him every day and of course miss him.  I want to thank him again for everything he taught me.  I hope he approves of everything I’m doing now.   

    Only a couple of things to mention this month.  What is going on with this issue concerning the Classified Documents being found at President Trump’s residence, which is I guess old news now, and now some found in President Biden’s home and Mike Pence’s?  People have said on the news Biden and Pence should be treated the same way Trump was treated when they learned of his classified documents. Everyone is saying no because the difference is President Trump wouldn’t immediately give them back.  Whatever, I just shake my head and as usual, wonder what this world is coming too. What part of classified don’t these people understand?

    The other issue is I’m very happy to hear The United States and Britain are giving The Ukraine tanks to fight the Russians with.  Should’ve been done when this all started.  I hope they help stop the war, and soon.  Hope other countries will follow suit.

     Next I’d like to congratulate Prince Harry on the publication of his autobiography “Spare.”  I got the audio book from Audible and can’t wait to hear it.  He reads the book aloud himself.  I’m hoping it’ll straighten a few things out for the best with The Royal Family.

    Lastly I’d like to promote a most wonderful thing!  It’s the Wild Earth TV app, which you can get free from most app stores.  On it you can watch the live drives and special content and features concerning the naturalists and animals featured on Safari Live.  I love it, and watch the drives every day on the commercial free link, which anyone can do if they sign up for a small fee to become an Explorer.  Hope everyone will check it out.  I have been watching Safari Live for 14 years and their cams for longer than that.  Highly recommended!

       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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