An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

26-02-10 AJ


     Lots of exciting news has been going on this month and The Afterlife has been doing a lot of celebrating!
     First of all the late Princess Diana is thrilled her son Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle have “divorced” the Royal Family, want to be on their own, have some privacy in raising their children.   She’s been trying to get through to her two sons and give them this idea for years.   Now it’s happening, at least with one, and Harry and Megan are known as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex! They’re working out all the legal kinks concerning this, and have moved to Canada!  They’re trying to become financially independent too.  I read they wanted to move to The United States but won’t until President Trump is out of office.  Whatever, so glad this seems to be working out well for them all.  Hopefully Harry’s brother will follow suit.
     Next, of course, The Afterlife is thrilled that President Trump wasn’t impeached!  It’s disgusting how much money and time The Democrats wasted with this useless effort.  It’s like they’re throwing a big tantrum because their candidate didn’t win the last Presidential Election!  They seem to be trying to come up with any evil thing they can, any disgusting lie they can think of to try to get President Trump in trouble.  If God The Father and the other Powers That Be in The Afterlife have anything to do with it all of their efforts towards this outcome will be in vain. 
      I’m not wasting my time watching any of the Democratic debates! Also I usually don’t do this kind of thing but I “predict” that Democratic Bernie Sanders will be the one running against President Trump. 
     I am glad to see people are finally doing something about the child abuse that has been going on in The Catholic Church for centuries! 
     Last but not least I’ve heard someone mention they’re having trouble with The Boy Scouts Of America, lots of abuse and molestation going on in that organization.  This is what my late husband Gerald was worried would happen with them.  I hope justice is done there.
     It breaks my heart to learn about the number of the innocent children who have had to put up with this horror. 
     So terrifying about the Coronavirus!  Thousands of people have died from it in China now it’s arrived here in the US!  Hopefully my flu shot will cover it if it gets here in Ellsworth, Maine.
     On the home front good news for a change!  I finally got the right insurance for me!  Well Care, for Part C and D of whatever it is I have to have with Medicare.  This year I’m getting new top dentures they’ll pay for, and next year the bottom ones. The only bad part is I get $1500 towards them, and if I got both sets it would be $1800 and I can’t afford to pay $50 a month to make up the $300 difference. Oh well what I can get is awesome! Also they’re paying for my new reading glasses.  And they cover a whole lot more!
     I’ve been working on putting together one of Gerald’s stories to publish on my web site, and that’s about it for right now. 
      Hopefully the good news from everywhere will continue.  I’ll be back next month for an update.

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