An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

24-03-10 AJ


     Yes!  I’m still here and I don’t have the dreaded Coronavirus!  What crazy things are happening out there in the world!  Thousands of people have died all over the world from the Coronavirus I believe originated in China.  Businesses that are not an absolute necessity to the public have closed down for two weeks at least, and schools are closing, some for the rest of the year, all to help stop the spread of this deadly disease. The government is trying to find a cure. So far there’s medicine that was used to cure other diseases that seem to have helped patients, but it’s not officially proven as of yet. Also they’re running out of it. Apartment buildings are being put on lock down and even peoples’ homes.  People can’t go out when they want for at least two weeks! 
     Fortunately my building is only on “shelter in place” whatever that actually means, and “self quarantine if you’re sick.”  Here there’s also the social distancing.  We’re only supposed to hang out with two or three close friends that we know aren’t sick.  Streets in some cities look like the sets from “The Walking Dead” AMC TV series!  Some people are even imagining that this is the start of what causes the situation on that tv series.  I’m just trying to stay calm.  So far so good all I have is my seasonal allergies.  And things are not that different for me, other than my senior lunches are cancelled until at least April 6th, and there’s no free community suppers. 
     The worst thing here, is the most frustrating.  I was in the process of getting new top dentures paid for my my new insurance.  I only had two more appointments with my new dentist before I had them.  Now they are postponed.  Also the people who host the senior lunches of course are not giving many rides at this time.  So I can’t get there even though they’re right up the hill from me because the path to go to the stores up the hill is too treacherous to walk in winter.  I also had an eye exam schedualed for today for new reading glasses paid for by insurance. You guessed it!  The place is now closed.
     Oh well,  I’m sure everything will be ok in the end.  However it’s so heartbreaking there’s been so many deaths.   And mind you as I mentioned this is happening all over the world.  Now even South Africa is going on lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus. 
    Fortunately President Trump doesn’t have the virus, but it’s scary how he wants things to be back to normal for Easter.  The doctors say no that by that time there may be many more cases.  But they’re going to study the situation and let The President know if this could happen. 
    In the middle of all this mess my anxiety is going through the roof because Wild Earth has run out of money from the donations everyone gave a while back to keep the live safari drives going on You Tube.  Now they need a total of $70,000 to keep things going at least  during April.  The problem is because of the Coronavirus.  Graham Wallington founder of Wild Earth was in the middle of making a deal with a company in China to be a sponsor or whatever to keep everything going for a long time.  Now this!   If they don’t get enough donations Wild Earth daily live safaris will shut down on March 31st, and no one knows when they would return.  They really help kids learn about wildlife with their school drives, and people in hospitals.  There’s many people stuck at home now because of the current situation and also people with health problems who have to stay in bed that really are helped by these twice daily shows. I am even helped by Wild Earth.  They help keep me going, give me something to look forward to every day.  And I have made several new friends there in the chat room which is open during the drives so people can ask the guides questions.  Anyway, They have an Indiegogo web site campaign going and have as of this date made a little over half their goal in donations with only 8 more days to go.  Here’s the link to the page.  If you could help with a donation, even in these tough times. it would really help and be greatly appreciated.


     Aside from all this not much else going on in the world to comment on.  However in entertainment news, thanks to singer Garth Brooks for having a free online concert for those stuck inside.  I missed it unfortunately. But from the news report it looks like it was awesome.  And thanks to those making funny music videos parodying famous songs with words about the virus and the rules on You Tube!  It actually does help spread awareness!
     Hopefully next month I’ll have some good news to report.  My work has been held up due to production problems I have not yet solved.  But I’m keeping busy! They won’t get me down!  As my mantra says “I’m awesome!  I get stuff done!”

    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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