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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

20-10-03 AJ

    This passed week hasn’t been a good one.  The cab I’ve been using since before Gerald was in the nursing home hasn’t been running, no clue why. So I’ve had trouble getting my laundry money from my food stamp card.  The ATMs around  here all only give $20 not ten.  I was even running out of pennies to use to play bingo here. I haven’t been winning much for a long time.  I called and called, no ride, just voicemail.   Also my ride was late for my doctor’s appointment and I got there but had to reschedule.  Finally one of my neighbors gave me a ride to Wal Mart for groceries and my haircut.  Then I needed to go back so I got the cab that was to bring me home from counseling to take me back, and I paid them for round trip, $20.  I had to return a cordless phone I didn’t like at all.  I did that and used my ten dollars toward the better phone.  When I went to go back to the cab one of my neighbors was waiting for me and said she’d take me home. So I asked the cab driver if it was ok, he said yes and gave me $10 back!  However I finally got all my errands run and have a good though more expensive cab to rely on every month.  The widows’ and widowers’ support group went very well, and I at last got to play bingo at Burger King. I won two games which turned out to be lunch!  I’m going from now on, and getting a ride for it too. 
    I was upset Thursday night.  When I went to bed I kept hearing a woman in The Afterlife crying.  I couldn’t find out who it was or why they were crying.  I just surrounded myself with the white light of Spirit for protection and the crying stopped.  It took me a while to get to sleep after that.  It was like I was filled with energy.  I thought maybe they were upset I had to be alone now.  What was that about?  Like they say on one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, it’s a mystery!
    Good news in there however, my cataract surgery on my right eye will be October 29th.   I can’t wait to get it over with.  The left eye is doing great!   Looks like I’ll be a pirate for Halloween. 
   Not to mention all the confusion here, there hasn’t been much news to write about, just the same old politics.  Let’s see what I can dig up now.
   So awesome to hear that Malala Yousufzai the young female activist who was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls going to school is recovering. She’s now out of her coma.  She can’t speak yet because of her injured jaw, but has been writing many messages to reply to the doctors’ and nurses’ questions.  The bullet in her shoulder was removed in Pakistan.  She also knows the world is watching her progress and requested new pictures and info be given on the national news.  I’m hoping it’s still her spirit in her body, that she didn’t abandon it and give it to another, like happens sometimes.  There’s no way I could tell unless someone in The Afterlife told me, or if this did happen, I saw her spirit.
    Have to laugh at Obama’s jab at Romney saying he has “Romnesia” because he can’t seem to remember policies that are on his web site and promises he’s made in the last six years he hasn’t kept.  Obama says Obamacare can fix him up because it covers pre-existing conditions.  Of course Romney was not amused and said this was unpresidential.  I’ll just be so glad when the election is over, whatever happens. 
    God blesses actress Angelina Pivarnick who used to be on the “Jersey Shore” t.v. show, for speaking out against gay marriage while appearing on a debate with an openly gay actor.  She also commented she’s kissed girls in the past when she was drunk in clubs, however she refused to do anything further with them.  She also says if people want to they can date members of the same sex, to see what works, but in the end marry the opposite sex.  At least she’s basically speaking out against it.  I hope the gay community won’t try to change her mind.
     That’s one lucky dog!  A French dog, a white Jack Russel Terrier with a black ear named Ethan was poisoned then buried alive near a walking path.  He had convulsions from the poisoning. A man walking by saw the ground moving, got a shovel and dug him up.   The dog was barely breathing and flat as a pancake.  His rescuer called firefighters who warmed him up and rushed him to the vets where he was nursed back to life.  All this according to a microchip inside him, happened on his third birthday!  His owner claims he had given Ethan away, however police are investigating. I’m sure there’ll be a movie about him soon and he’ll be more than rich and famous!  I think he deserves it! 
      On a final note, a cute little tidbit of  that happened Friday.  I decided to try making perked coffee again.  I heard John Lennon telling me that where the coffee now is medium strength I should use scoop less than the water amount I put in.  He told me years ago via Gerald to use half a scoop less with the mild strength. now he said these new instructions because my coffee has come out too strong.  I could tell Gerald was there in on the info too.  I tried it and it worked. You just never know what’s going to happen around here!  And I love it!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog “The Spiritual Connection” for my recent messages.

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That Is Now Resting In Los Angeles
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