Who Is The Lesser?

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To  The World

22-10-03 AJ

    Back again with my comments on the latest national news.  Unfortunately it seems like it’s mostly bad news again!  So shocked to read that 38 year oldl Vindalee Smith of Brooklyn, New York was found stabbed to death in her apartment.  She was eight months pregnant, and was supposed to get married Sunday, the day after she was killed.  Her landlord found her.  She’d been stabbed in the neck and the murder weapon hasn’t been found because her family who were visiting for her baby shower and wedding were worried.  Her fiancee is not a suspect at this time.  There were no signs of forced entry.  She had four children in their teens and twenties.  Everybody at her Seventh Day Adventist New Dimension Church where she was a devout member loved her.  Tragically someone obviously didn’t, who knows where they were from.  I hope they soon solve this mystery and properly dispense with the murderer.  Sounds like more demons at work to me.
    One bit of good news out there is from Donna & George Lewis of Kentucky.  Some time ago, in 1930 as a matter of fact, he found an oval shaped rock in his cow pasture he took home and used for a doorstop and later put in his garden.  He was shocked to find last May when he ran his metal detector over it it registered some in it and almost overloaded it! Soon he had it confirmed as a meteorite.  Eastern Kentucky University purchased it, and it will be soon displayed in their new science building.  It’s been estimated to be over 4 and a half billion years old!  Definitely a rare scientific find!
    As we get closer to the presidential election Obama will be campaigning in all the swing states, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Virginia.   Next he will go to Chicago to vote, then to Iowa.  I cringe to think, no doubt God does too, that He has said we should actually support him as Romney officially the other candidate, and The Afterlife will try to get him out of office later in some non violent way.  As far as Romney is concerned, if he doesn’t support the aged and the poor, and he’s made several statements during his campaign stating this, what good is he as president?  However Obamacare is just as bad or worse.  We have to choose the lesser of two evils, and it’s almost impossible to say who that is in this case.
    It’s still creepy that Obama, who God officially states is the anti Christ, is working with Bill & Hillary Clinton.  Bill is the former holder of that title.  Like our old friend Elgard so appropriately puts this into perspective, “Since Jesus is no longer with us, gone to another world, Obama is The Anti God, and Bill Clinton The Anti Christ.”  Leave it to Elgard!  I agree.
     Well, former senator George S. McGovern, a Democrat from South Dakota has died at the age of 90 from several health problems. His family has said he was in hospice care for a week.  I wish I could say he made it ok and is doing well over There, but I just don’t know.  I don’t get any negative feelings concerning him so hopefully things turned out ok.  Being a Democrat I’m sure he’s had a few things to repent.
    More bad stuff!  21 year old Whitney Heichel was murdered last week and her body dumped on a Mountain road east of Gresham, Oregon, the town she lived in, after her SUV was found parked in a Wal Mart parking lot, the passenger side window smashed, then some of her belongings were found in a trash bin nearby.  Her husband called police after learning she never showed up for her 7 am shift at Starbucks where she worked as a barista.   Her credit card has been used at a nearby gas station, and her cell phone found in a field by a child that’s between Wal Mart and the gas station.  It’s so scary that there are these disgusting murderers out there that don’t give a damn about anybody else but themselves.  One of Whitney’s male neighbors has been arrested.  I hope he’s the guilty one and no one else is killed.  We’ll see what happens. Have to keep an eye on this case.
    Sometimes you just have to laugh!  The Taliban claims that their roadside bombs don’t kill most civilians.  They use remove controlled ones not another kind that do.  Tell me another one!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America and, the world!
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