Wait And See

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To  The World

25-10-03 AJ

    Well the last debate is over now, and though he won it, Obama has done what he seems to be best at lately; making lots of people mad at him!  His comment that “there’s fewer horses and bayonets in today’s military” shocked the bayonet makers, who announced their products are distributed to  the military all the time.  Someone also remarked the comment was ignorant.  I definitely agree!  I will not put the comment here I was thinking of concerning a bayonet, Obama. and where it should go.
    So glad to see that Benjamin Netanyahu is standing up for Jerusalem and also still building houses in Israel despite objections fromThe Palestinians.  Remember, Father Abraham’s Peace Plan For The Middle East, is the only solution to true peace for that region, a separate homeland for The Palestinians outside of Israel.  I pray some day they’ll accept this Plan.
    To prove the ultimate insanity of the anti abortionists Indiana Republican senator Richard Mourdock is saying he opposes aborting babies conceived during rape because God intended to happen.  He says he in no way means God intends sexual assaults, but He creates life.  This guy’s just making an excuse against abortion.  Though God doesn’t like abortion He doesn’t say no one should have one.  Anyway the decision on abortion is between the mother and God.  It’s not right to force someone to have a baby that was created due to a violent act against them.   You never know what diseases the rapist may have that could be passed on.  Think of the soul that will be born as the child.  This man seems to want to cause pain and suffering.  He obviously doesn’t believe in reincarnation, either.  I can’t understand how anyone can want to keep this guy in office.
    I am so disappointed to read one of my favorite actresses, Angela Lansbury states she is not a Republican and has voted for Obama by absentee ballot. She’s a big fan of his.  Well at least she didn’t vote for Romney.  I hope she will make out all right when her time comes to journey to The Afterlife.
   I heard from our friends Kevin & Bean at KROQ in LA that actors Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson may seem like they’re back together, however Pattinson hasn’t forgiven her for cheating on him and has suggested she sleep in a separate bedroom during their Breaking Dawn Part 2 tour.  I hope this is just a rumor.
    Obama has said there’s a strong possibility that he’ll win a second term because Romney has alienated the Hispanic voters.  It wouldn’t surprise me any.  As our ever popular expression goes, we’ll just have to wait and see.
    How bad is the world getting, when you read twelve year old Autumn Pasquale from New Jersey was murdered by two brothers ages fifteen and seventeen.  They apparently hit her hard with something then strangeled her to death then put her body in a recycling bin near her home.  Her BMX bike and backpack were found at the boys’ home.  Their mother helped police reporting information that had been posted on her son’s Facebook page.  The brothers turned themselves in on Tuesday.  Autumn had disappeared the Saturday before.  They are charged with first degree murder, theft, conspiracy and tampering with evidence.  Police say there was no sexual assualt involved. Sounds like these guys were too dumb for that anyway.  It’s said one of the brothers traded in BMX bike parts.  I just shake my head and wonder what could cause such young people to go so wrong and ruin their lives like this, and take the life of an innocent girl.  It hasn’t been mentioned if there were any drugs involved.  I hope the victim made it safely to The Afterlife and is doing ok There.
   The cataract surgery on my right eye will take place on Monday the 29th.  Wouldn’t you know it?  We’re supposed to get the remnants from the latest hurricane at that time. I hope things go well despite this distraction.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world
    Be sure to check out my blog,  The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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That Is Now Resting In Los Angeles
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