Trump Does It Again

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

27-10-03 AJ

    Back with the latest news update.  On the home front I’ve been still busy working on the next Book to go on line. There’s a lot more work to it than I expected. So unfortunately I won’t be able to make my second deadline to have it on line for Halloween, our most sacred day.  But don’t worry!  I’m not giving up, proofreading it one last time to Those in The Afterlife, and remaking the web site pages.  Like Gerald told me from over There I want to make sure it’s right no matter how long it takes. 
    Also, I’m getting ready for the cataract surgery on my right eye on Monday morning at 8:30 EST.  Wouldn’t you know it? Last I heard hurricane Sandy may be getting  here by then. No one is sure yet if it will come inland in our area or not.  Hope it’ll wait until Tuesday or Wednesday whatever it does, whenever it gets here.  Now on to the national stuff.
    So glad to see an arrest has been made concerning the murder of the ten year old girl in Colorado.  It was a 17 year old boy who they assume did it, who is into Goth.  He has also been charged in May with kidnapping a female runner.  Ya gotta love justice!  Hopefully he will be punished accordingly.  Not only is it horrible she was killed, her body was not intact. This guy is a definite waste of oxygen!
    Obama is saying most people would consider Romney a bulls*****r!  How far will these people go to get votes?  It’s scary!  Of course that’s true, and it’s even scarier when I have to agree with Obama on something, but is the bad language necessary?  I guess he’s just trying to get young people to think he’s cool by swearing? Who knows?  I’ll be so glad when it’s over!  But then there’s the agony of all the recapping and analyzing the election for weeks afterwards. Argh!
    Surprised to see there’s some people in Italy making some sense!  Former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has been convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to four years in jail. Thank you!
    Sadly the fourth Tibetan person this week has set himself on fire in a far western Chinese county to protest against Chinese rule.  Three of these people have died.  There have been dozens of ethnic Tibetans that have done this since March, 2,011 in the heavily Tibetan regions.  I can certainly understand the protest, however I wish they would find other ways. They could do so much more to benefit their cause in this world.  But blessings to them for doing what they could and standing against injustice.  Many of course also want The Dalai Lama back, who is been exiled.
    Now, Donald Trump.  Everyone seems to be complaining about his recent offer to Obama.  I personally see nothing wrong with it.  He told him he would donate five million dollars to a charity of his choice if by October 31st if he  shows publicly any personal records, his birth certificate, school applications, whatever.  Some are saying Trump may not have that much money to follow through on his offer.  I hope he does and Obama takes him up on it for a change.  At the least it would get him to stop making these offers to him.  Some are saying it’s disrespecting the president. No comment!
    Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander had a rare form of bacterial meningitis.  While in a coma for a week he says he journeyed to Heaven.  A woman there told him his time on Earth wasn’t over yet.  Later on he saw a picture of a sister he didn’t know he had until then, who had died some time ago, and realized she was the woman who had spoken to him in Heaven!  He had been a faith skeptic, but no more! He is promoting his book about the experience.  At first when I saw a video concerning this I told someone it seemed like something someone made up just to make money.  Now after watching the ABC News interview with him, I kind of give him the benefit of the doubt.  For now anyway.
    Lastly, is Bigfoot in Texas?  A fisherman says he was leaving a lake at the end of the day when big, dark mysterious forms threw stones at him from in the bushes quite a ways away.  One of his friends  took pictures and on examination you can see something that looks like Bigfoot staring at him!  You can see its eyes.  There were more than one of them, like a family.  I have a feeling this is not a Halloween prank.  
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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