Deja Vu

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

29-04-11 AJ


   Just thought I’d  post a few comments about what’s going on in the news, as I try to do here every month. 
      Well, one of the worst problem I feel that’s out there is the President’s plan to bring the troops home from Afghanistan by September 11th or some such. Doesn’t this sound like kind of a deja vu thing?  Didn’t they try doing this a few years ago, and ended up with so much trouble they had to send some back, because the local troops who had supposedly been trained to handle The Taliban and Al Qaeda couldn’t do the job?  Well, unfortunately now I expect the situation will flare up even worse than last time, and I dread to think of what will happen then!  Like an Afghanistan resident told a reporter on tv  the other night, though the Taliban are supposed to be on good terms with us now, somehow,at least for the time being, not having anything to do with terrorist groups, the Taliban and Al Qaeda are still one and the same. The Taliban has promised to renew its attacks on the US and NATO if the troops are not completely gone by the deadline. No one knows what will happen with the new deadline, or if they’ll participate in a “high level” Afghan discussion in Turkey this month.  Under the Trump administration, it was planned to have this done by May 1st.  But President Biden decided to delay the complete the withdrawal, do it in “phases”. Will there be more fighting if we don’t keep the original May 1st deadline?  I just hate to think of what will happen! Gives me the creeps to even think about it!
    Another thing that doesn’t sound right is the federal investigation of former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.accusing him of various things including possible money laundering  and campaign violations. President Trump even said it doesn’t seem fair.  Fortunately as of now he hasn’t yet been formally charged.  I hope he will be ok. I’ve always admired him since 9/11.  However you never know with some lawyers. 
     Last but not least, kind of sad to hear about the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England’s husband, Prince Philip.   I guess he did good though, he lived to be 99 years of age.  I’m wondering if he’s still around in the Afterlife.  I hope he didn’t do too many bad things in his lifetime. 
    On the home front, I have been really going at it getting the back issues of Voices From Spirit Magazine scanned and up on our web site.  To check out all I’ve done recently, click on the link below and see 1993 and now 1994!  Moving right along!  I now have two and a half years to go to complete this long awaited project.

     Not much going on besides, except celebrating the 14th birthday of Wild Earth!  I sent in a video birthday greeting to them and they played it on the big day the 27th.  All my friends in the chat room loved it!  Unfortunately I don’t have a link to it. 
     That’s about it for now.  Hard to believe how this month has flown by!  See you next month!
       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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