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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

31-03-11 AJ


     Not too much to write about here this month but wanted to make sure I checked in here.
     Now, I am sure Princess Diana is very very happy in The Afterlife that Prince Harry and his wife have left The Royal Family and are doing very well here.  I know she’s even more pleased to hear today that because of Harry and Meghan’s tv special interview with Oprah this is happening with royal families around the world now!  She’s been trying to get through to both her sons to do this for years.  So glad at least one of them heard her message and carried out her wishes!  Wishing them all the best.  Hope all goes well with the birth of Meghan’s new baby.
     Things with the government are really confusing, but what else is new?  President Biden seems to be doing well with the stimulus packages idea, however I think it’s not right for him to change some of the things President Trump got passed and get rid of a few.  Now I hear about some filibuster he wants to get rid of that the country will be in bad shape if he does.  I need to read more about the news to know all the details   However I’m glad to know someone is keeping track of the national budget!  I hear now there’s going to be a 4th stimulus and some such payments every month until after the pandemic is over with!  Keep everything crossed. Everybody needs some kind of help during these troubled times.
     The Kingdom Of God condemns any kind of violent attacks on Asian Americans.  Hopefully anyone arrested for this will get what they deserve. 
     On the home front I finally did get my stimulus payment of $1400!  It all went to good use.  I planned my spending very carefully and didn’t buy all kinds of unnecessary things. 
     Another awesome thing happened!  I was worried about getting my Covid shot, where would I have to go to get it and how would I get there.  Turns out the people from the local hospital came here, gave the shots and I got a card to prove I was vaccinated!  I had no bad reaction thank goodness!  What a relief!  I’ve wanted to get that for some time and it just recently was time for people in my age group.
      Lastly, I have managed to get a couple back issues of Voices From Spirit Magazine scanned and on line in PDF format.  Here’s the link.  Yet a couple of more gems of wisdom from 1992!  Enjoy and do pass them around.

     Until next time, stay safe and well!
       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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