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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

08-02-04 AJ

    Back again with more of what’s in the news.  First of all on the home front bracing for a terrible blizzard here this weekend.  Supposed to be two huge snowstorms combining into one and moving up the coast.  I’m not worried. I’m inside until my doctor’s appointment Tuesday. I just pray the lights don’t go out.  Everything here is electric.
    Am I a traitor?  Some time ago I posted a message saying I would never watch the new episodes of “Two And A Half Men” again, because the actor who plays Jake on it was saying he recommended people not watch it and stated it’s the filthiest show on t.v..  Well,,,,,, guess what?  Yep, watching it again.  Well if the kid’s no longer against it, I guess I’m ok, right?  I was just watching t.v. and it came on.  I guess as the old saying goes, never say never.  Hmm that was a pretty decent James Bond movie, too! Now on to what’s going on out there.
    So terrible the story about the ex Los Angeles police officer who has gone crazy because he was fired years ago and is now killing current police officers and their families!  There’s a huge manhunt for him going on.  The truck he was using was found burned out at Big Bear with footprints leading away from it.  He has apparently mailed a package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper with a manifesto and other stuff.  I hope they find this guy soon and no one else gets killed.
    Wow the hackers are going crazy out there too. Now they’ve zapped Facebook with a virus that fortunately didn’t take long to be cleaned up.  Speaking of hackers, now I read that someone hacked into former president George H.W. Bush’s personal email according to The Smoking Gun web site, who used the online name “Guccifer,” a “veteran hacker of government sites” gained access to private phone numbers and email addresses, and pictures then put up a web site featuring their user name.  The poor man just got out of the hospital for gosh sakes!  Give him a break! The FBI is investigating and the former president has no comment.
    It’s said that Hillary Clinton is now ten points more popular than Obama!  What a sad, sad world.
    Speaking of sad, tragic news concerning aspiring fashion designer Ashley A. Riggitano, has committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.  She was 22 and a student at The Laboratory Institute Of Merchandising college.  She was apparently the victim of bullies.  She left a suicide note and diary in a designer handbag left on the bridge. A newspaper reported she’d attempted suicide before.  May justice be done!  There’s no need of this stuff.
    For gosh sakes, what the hell is wrong with people in Connecticut!  Er, never mind I think we already know.  Now a 30 year old mother at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant where there are signs stating no firearms allowed, allegedly pulled a .380 semiautomatic handgun which she had a permit to use, “and chambered a round” during an argument with another parent!  Supposedly their son pushed hers off a ride.  A local newspaper article says she had kicked A judge will decide if she gets the gun and permit back.  The Huffington Post reports she was charged with “reckless endangerment, risk of injury to children, threatening and breach of peace. She was released after posting a $50,000 surety bond.”  She will be going to court February 19th. 
    It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since actress and model Anna Nicole Smith died.  Her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead looks exactly like her and like they say, is following in her footsteps as the new face of Guess Kids!  Larry Birkhead, who was proven by DNA to be her father and has custody, is a single dad. Looks like he’s doing an excellent job!  Keep up the good work!
    A 54 year old man from England and his brother have built a banana car using a stripped down 1993 Ford pickup for its frame!  It took them two years to finish it.  He’s going to take the car around the world with his photographer named Liz O’Neil, his brother of course and they’re auctioning off the fourth seat to someone to join them on EBay!  Wow!  Almost like my favorite  CBS Saturday morning cartoon, “Busytown Mysteries” come to life! Come on guys, how about Lowly’s apple car next?
    Support the National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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