What Next For Who

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

06-02-04 AJ

    Back after an exciting weekend!  Yes, I actually watched all of The Superbowl for the first time ever.  I just knew who would win because God doesn’t care for the city of San Francisco, need I say why?  The whole thing was just awesome!  I wish I could look as good as Beyonce.  I don’t think so even if I worked out every day.  Anyway the drama with the lights going out was something else.  I told people on Twitter it was God telling The 49ers The Ravens would win.  I think there was something more to that incident, and it irritates me so much I can’t find out exactly what happened, it was something to do with The Afterlife, anyway.  Maybe the demons were trying to empower the 49ers or draw energy from The Ravens and God’s Forces stopped them.  Of course The Ravens won.  I’m glad it was a close game.  I don’t care for it when one team is way ahead for  half a game then wins.  I like a good challenge.  Congratulations to both teams, who played very well.  I was disappointed, however, as were half the people who watched The Game that Go Daddy’s ads were so bad this year.  Don’t know what happened.  Anyway, they were on there.  It was a great night all around.  The only thing that would’ve made it better would be if they had Paul McCartney on the half time show again.  Maybe next year.
    So pleased to hear the little boy who was held hostage in Alabama is now free and doing well.  I imagine the man who kidnapped him no longer exists, that his spirit went poof right after he left his body, unless of course it was a creature of Darkness using his body and the original owner of the body safe already in The Afterlife.  Like I say, I wish I could find out these things as Gerald could.
    Sorry to hear the woman from New York City who was missing in Turkey has been found dead.  Her husband went there to help the police find her.  He will accompany her body home.  They have two sons, 9 and 11 years old.  Their father hasn’t had the strength to tell them she’s dead.  My prayers go with them all.  No offense to the departed, but I would never had the courage to go to another country alone.  I was even considering visiting our old friend Elgard in North Dakota, then, besides discovering I couldn’t afford it, I decided it’s not a good idea for a woman of any age to travel alone even in their own country with all the weirdness happing now.  That would be just what the creatures of Darkness would want, me to go out of state alone and encourage their minions to come after me.  Nope! Sorry demons, you won’t be seeing me doing that!  No way!
    Glad to see former president George H. W. Bush is doing well and out of the hospital.  He had fun with some friends by going out to dinner in Houston last Saturday night.  He even had a picture tweeted to prove it.
    Big whoop!  Hillary Clinton now has a new web site. So far the only things on it are her picture, contact information and the web site’s privacy policy.  Her old site links to this one.  I read that she has paid off her campaign debts finally.  Well, I’m sure her fans will enjoy finding out what she’s up to.  Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be no good for the world.
     It’s no big surprise that Obama announced on his recent t.v. interview that he supports the idea of the Boy Scouts allowing homosexuals to be members.  It seems like that’s one of his big plans, to get homosexuality accepted all around the world.  I just shake my head and sigh in disgust.
    It’s great to see Danica Patrick, the Go Daddy girl and NASCAR driver has decided her new Sprint Cup gen-6 car will help her win the races.  She was an Indy car driver and is learning Sprint Cup racing. Now she’ll be doing the Cup racing full time.  I hope it works out well for her!  She came in 10th in the Nationwide series last year and came in 17th in cup races last year.  All I can say is go, go, go! You are awesome! You can do it!
     A teenage boy in Australia has been arrested in Adelaide after impersonating a doctor in three hospitals.  He was caught every time and thrown out. He walked around the hospitals wearing scrubs name badges and stethoscopes!  He read several doctors’ notes.  However before one of these times he even helped a little girl injured in a scooter accident!  These hospitals have since updated their security. The boy was arrested and thrown in jail.  He had also been arrested in 2,011 when he worked as a hospital volunteer, for “inappropriate behavior.” The hospital staffs he fooled now calls him “Doctor Who.”  He posted bail on Friday and will be arraigned in youth court soon according to the Advertiser.  I say this answers the question of the “Doctor Who” series producers.  I think the next Doctor should be a teen age boy, definitely not a woman.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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