God Blesses The Children

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

24-03-09 AJ


    Once again one of God’s Heroes is standing up protecting America from injustice!  Our old friend Jimmy Kimmel has filed an “official complaint” against the Trump organization.  Jimmy bought a few items from the Trump web site then he found that some of the Trump branded products sold there were not made in America, some were even made in China! Some didn’t even say where they were made, but it definitely wasn’t in America.  This may be a breach of Federal Laws which say products being sold have to state where they come from.  Jimmy supports products being made in America, so he has filed an official complaint against www.trumpstore.com  the Trump family web site.  President Trump is for” supporting American companies, now  his company isn’t even supporting America.” he says, also stating this incident could prove very expensive for President Trump, not to mention embarrassing.  I’ll definitely be interested in how this turns out. Go Jimmy go!
     Speaking of God’s Heroes, yet another one of them has made the great Journey to The Afterlife.  We lost the great genius Stephen Hawking.  I’m sure he had a grand welcome wherever he ended up there.  Amazing he lived so long after only given three years to live decades ago!  I pray he is doing as well as can be.  I imagine he’ll spend many hours visiting with Those from The Old Worlds and learning about their technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of them in  a past life himself!
     Speaking of The Afterlife, all The Lords Of Light and God The Father Himself are very proud of all the children who organized and participated in The March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24th and thank them for putting these together.  They say even if these marches held in different locations across The United States don’t solve the problems with gun violence completely, they will definitely make some kind of dent in the gun laws and help stop the violence in schools and elsewhere.  I was shocked to read these events were bigger than President Trump’s inauguration!   God praises Sir Paul McCartney, John Lennon’s bandmate and dear friend, for stepping in with the march held in New York City that was begun near John’s former home The Dakota Building, close where he was shot dead by a man who shouldn’t have owned a gun, to help call more attention to the gun problems.  John thanks him for doing this.  The children are our future and must be protected at all costs.
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