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02-03-09 AJ


     I apologize for not posting here in February.   It’s taken so long for me to post this because I’m sick again with a cold.   The worst part is not being able to taste and smell for weeks!  I get this every year but this time it’s worse because I’ve had it twice since last fall. Hopefully it’ll be gone soon and I won’t get it back at least til next fall.
     It seemed like the day would never come but the Rev. Billy Graham, known as the religious advisor to the Presidents, has died at age 99 on February 21st.  I wish I knew exactly how things were for him, if he got to The Afterlife and saw his God.  I’m assuming so.  Gerald used to say some small things that he’d done wrong. They were something to do with misteachings.  I’m hoping he was forgiven and things went as well as he’d hoped it would. He did try to help people, though we didn’t agree with his way of preaching, I hope God has blessed him and he is welcome in Heaven.
     So heartbreaking the school shooting in Florida!  There’s too much of this going on!  I don’t know what the solution would be.  I think they’re getting a tiny handle on things  now by more thorough background checks to try and stop mentally ill people from purchasing guns.   I’m beginning to wonder if the stupidity will ever end.  As always this brings to mind a song I channeled by my old friend in The Afterlife the spirit of John Lennon formerly of The Beatles.  As most know he was murdered by a deranged man who shot him in the back with a gun just outside his New York residence on December 8, 1980.  He was only 40 years old.  Of all people you’d think want to ban gun sales or such, but no!  Here’s the link to his song which says it all that he wrote for the Virginia Tech shooting victims back in 2,007 but it’s importance rings through time.  Hope you will enjoy it and pass it on.


     Now on to politics.  How disturbing it is that White House employees are leaving seemingly at the drop of a hat as the old saying goes.  The latest the woman advisor Hope Hicks, who confessed to telling “white lies” for President Trump but never concerning Russia, or whatever.  She now has quit politics all together and is working somewhere near The Oval Office.  Too bad so sad. But it’s kind of scary wondering who they’ll end up with next.   Hopefully they’ll be good for this country!
     There was recently an uproar concerning Jerusalem’s Church Of The Holy Sepulcher which is “revered as the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial”.  The church which is a favorite spot for tourists and pilgrims was closed the previous Sunday by Church Leaders.  It was reopened Wednesday after Israel changed it’s mind on “a tax plan and draft property legislation” that had residents protesting for three days. The Israeli Prime Minister and other officials are now reviewing this plan. Churches are major land owners in Jerusalem and the Mayor has stated they owe more than $180 million in property tax.  However for now they will remain exempt. Hopefully a satisfactory solution will be worked out soon. This seems to be an eternal problem.  I’m glad that this Church will be open for the Easter holiday after all.
     In entertainment news, our old friend, God’s hero Jimmy Kimmel is hosting The Oscars again this Sunday night.  It’s so funny! He’s hoping for a big mix up like at last years ceremonies where producers gave Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the wrong envelope supposedly holding the best picture title.  I’m almost certain somehow he’ll get his wish and some little error will occur! 
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